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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dinner at The Simpsons.

I LOVE nights like tonight! The day did start pretty slow for me since i didn't feel very good and Doug had to work on his jeep all day but around dinner i started feeling better and Doug finished up for the day. I decided to make homemade pizza today! It ended up being super delicious and easy! We had such a fun dinner and as you can tell by the pictures below Bella LOVED it too:)

She was SO messy but she was eating, so we couldn't complain. After dinner Doug put the pizza away and Bella sat up on the table and we played the "yayayaya" game. We just yell it back and forth but her facial expressions are soo funny. She gets right in your face nose to nose and we just laugh and laugh while Doug says "oh my goodness, my girls are crazzyy!" I love dinners like these! After as you can tell Bella was in very much need of a good bath...

While we where getting her ready for bed after her bath i decided to try to french braid Bella's hair just to see if she would let me and she did! I was SO thrilled i asked Doug to hurry and get the camera and we took these adorable pictures! I was super proud of myself and she looked super cute...hopefully it stays in tomorrow.

I love my family. I love having dinners together, and i LOVE being able to lay Bella down with Doug. She even learned how to fold her arms when we pray and she says amen at the end...she's learning and Doug and i are so proud of her and of ourselves:) life is good.