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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Baby Charlie's birthday

The night before my induction day I was a ball of nerves. You would think that since I've had a baby before I wouldn't be so nervous but because I've had a baby before and I knew how painful it could be I was pretty nervous. I kept thinking "I can do hard things" and reminding myself that Heavenly Father wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle. Doug helped me finish packing our hospital bag, we dropped of the dog at my sisters house and then went and had dinner at my parents house. Bella was going to stay the night there since we had to be at the hospital at 7am and it's a 45 min drive from our house. As we were saying goodnight to her I held on to her a little longer and normally she'd pull away but she let me hold her a little longer. Doug told her it was his turn and she said "dad were not ready yet." Bella is a crazy ball of energy but she has always been very empathetic and I love that about her. She knew I needed to hold her a little longer :)
I tried sleeping but I was too excited and anxious that I woke up around 3:30 and cleaned up a bit. Doug woke up at 5 and we both started getting ready. He was trying to be calm but I could tell how nervous he was. I was surprisingly calm and As I was getting ready he sat On our bed and just stared at me like I was going to break. I told him to go eat some breakfast and he said "I feel like I should be doing something for you, what do you want me to do?" I told him I wanted him to eat breakfast lol. 
When we got to the hospital I was still calm and ready and I think by that time Doug was too. I couldn't believe it we were going to have our baby today! We checked in, met our nurse and she immediately hooked me up to an IV with penicillin I believe because I tested positive for Group B. It's very common for pregnant ladies to have it and it wouldn't harm me but when Charlie came out of the birth canal she could get the infection. The penicillin had to be in my body for 4 hours before Charlie was born for it to work so my doctor wanted me to get it right away since Bella came so fast. She also gave me a small dose if pitocin and upped the dose about every half hour. My doctor came and told me instead of breaking my water she was going to wait the four hours which is smart and I'm so grateful she did but man did those four hours go by slow! I had some contractions and they got worse as they upped my pitocin but not anything I couldn't handle. I basically just napped and talked to Doug. Watched a little Netflix. Finally at 1 my doctor came back and said we were in the safe zone so she broke my water and they were having a hard time monitoring Charlie's heartbeat because she kept moving so she decided to monitor it from the inside by putting something on Charlie's head and that part wasn't fun at all. Also I had to get penicillin every four hours and I had been getting it in my iv in my arm slowly the entire time but for some reason they had it turned up so all of it went in really fast for about 15 min and that was probably the most painful part of my labor. It hurt so bad and it felt like my arm was going to burn off. But it was only 15 min of burning pain so I guess I can't complain too bad. After that I decided I wouldn't mind getting my epiderul now. My contractions weren't unbearable but I knew they were going to start becoming pretty intense and I didn't feel like feeling any pain. Can you blame me? 
Doug was cute while I was getting my epidural. When you get it it's like 5 different kinda of pain and uncomfortableness. Again not terrible or unbearable by any means but during one part I started shaking pretty bad and he got really worried. He asked the guy if I was suppose to be shaking and the guy said it was very common. Poor guy I told him I was okay but I could still see the worry in his eyes. The only thing I was worried about was if the epidural would work or not since for some reason it didn't at all with Bella. It did! When my legs started going numb I was soooo excited! I kept telling Doug it was working  because I really was just excited that it did. Especially before the real pain started. I knew I could handle it if I had to but I didn't have to and that made me happy. 
My nurse was suppose to start cranking up my pitocin after that and she actually had to turn it down because my body started contracting on it's own and my doctor wanted me to wait till 5 because she had a surgery before. She kept coming in and turning it lower and lower and the whole time Doug would look at the monitor and say "oh that was a big one! Did you feel it?" And of course I did not. It was wonderful. 
While we waited my sister and niece came by and visited for a while. It was nice to be able to spend sometime with my niece since it was her birthday too. She was so sweet and I could tell she was a bit nervous when she first saw me. It was nice that I wasn't in pain though because I could talk to both of them calmly and have a good time. 
After they left I took another nap and apparently my blood pressure became low and that's why I became tired so they gave me medicine for that and almost immediately my energy went back up. After my nurse came in and told me I was going to start pushing at 5:10 with her instead of 5 because my doctor was running late. Funny how they could plan all of this. It was weird though because my body had been contracting/laboring on it's own but then when we were about to start pushing they got pretty light so my nurse turned my pitocin up again. 
I was pretty calm the entire time. The room was calm, Doug was calm, even my four year old niece was calm when she came but when my nurse came in so I could start pushing I started freaking out. I got really lightheaded and I was afraid since I was so numb I wouldn't be able to push. I was also worried because she was sunny side up that morning and my nurse said that the doctor might try to turn her or that it would be harder to push her out. Also I was about to have a baby! So all these thoughts came in my head at once and My nurse and Doug had to tell me to take deep breaths. Doug really helped me here and I was able to calm down enough to push. Unfortunately my nurse wasn't great. I hate saying that because my nurse with Bella was amazing! Charlie was coming down as good or as fast as my nurse had hoped apparently so she seemed annoyed that it was taking so long. I got pretty discouraged but luckily my doctor came in just in time. And she reminded me exactly why I wanted her to be my doctor again. She came in and brought in an amazing vibe. I was discouraged and she had enough energy for the both of us. I felt like a different person and I was able to reality push. For each contraction I was suppose to push three times and every time I started getting tired she would start encouraging me and i was able to push harder. About 20-30 min later I could feel Charlie's head and I knew she was about to come out and I got this overwhelming feeling of joy. I was about to meet my daughter! After waiting over 2 years to meet her she was finally coming. I started crying. And then she came. I had an oxygen mask and my doctor put her on my chest I ripped it off so I could see her and again I started crying because I couldn't believe she was here! The first thing I said was "she's so big!" My doctor couldn't believe it either. She delivered Bella so she knew she was 6lbs 7 ounces and she knew I was worried about how big Charlie would be. My doctor even waited because she was so curious to see how much she weighed. And she was a whopping 8lbs and 14 ounces! I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe I had an almost 9 pound baby. The fact that I can carry and deliver such a big baby amazes me. What's crazy too is that I tared with Bella but with Charlie who was over 2 lbs. bigger I didn't tear at all. 
After my doctor congratulated Doug and I she left and I got to hold Charlie on my chest skin to skin for about an hour. I was able to nurse her a bit and Doug took pictures, texted everyone and even posted Them on Facebook which is funny to me because he hardly ever post pictures on there but he was just so happy. That hour of just us three was amazing. 
Charlie's birth was long. It had a lot of waiting but I loved how calm and peaceful Doug and I were before. I love how loved I felt by Doug. He really was amazing. I love how my doctor really helped encourage me when I needed her.  And I love how it was just Doug and I during the delivery. He told me he has never loved me more. And I loved seeing him hold her for the first time and hearing him say over and over again how much he loved her. December 27th was a great day. 

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