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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little More Easter Fun.

I have been looking forward to decorating eggs so much lately, and i guess its because it was so much fun last year. My whole family got together with our babies and it felt like we decorated thousands of eggs but it was a blast! This year i was excited to do the same with my family but poor bellsie was still sick and a little cranky. It started so fun and she loved it but she was just too tired at the end and just cranky. Doug and i still had a good time though and i hope bellsie did too:)

I think being away from my mom, dad, sisters and mostly the kiddo's gets me homesick. We have tonz of fun just us three and its nice but my nieces and nephew definitely add more fun. I'll be excited when we can get the kids together again:) but for now I'm going to do my best to enjoy my family time!

Towards the end.....

Bellsie was just tired but the rest of the night she was happier and I'm seeing my little girl more and more. She even wanted me to paint her toes before bed:) I'm excited for Easter Sunday tomorrow! If i don't get to tell you in person HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Friday, April 22, 2011

B.L.O.R.A Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

We took Bella to BLORA Thursday night for their annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt and it was so fun! They had 5 sections  with different age group signs and even had ribbon barricades and people guarding the areas (kinda funny right?) they had face paint, bouncy houses, the Easter bunny, and a few other parent/child activities:)

Bella even made a cute little friend who was only 4 days younger than her. We waited till 8:30sharp to start collecting Easter eggs. They turned off all the lights in this giant park and we turned on our flashlights and we where off! They had special golden eggs with special prizes from stuffed animals to a 32'' tv's! Of course Doug got one for Bellsie and she won a stuffed bunny rabbit which she loved! My favorite part of the whole Easter egg hunt was how well prepared they where. Bella's basket was overfilled and there was still eggs and candy EVERYWHERE! When we walked to collect her prize every kid we passed had a full basket. I know its not about how much you get but i was happy to know that all the kids got PLENTY! Bellsie had fun watching everyone and playing with her new friend. Kids really do make holidays more fun<3

Sad Baby Bella

Our poor little love bug was so fussy all day yesterday and Doug and I just thought it was because she skipped her nap but to our surprise last night she woke up crying and since she never does that i checked up on her and she had a fever:( poor baby. Doug and I let her snoozy with us and she'd wake up off and on was trembling and then finally at 5:30(ish) am she threw up on the bed, pillow, me (probably TMI) and Doug and i  just looked at each other and knew it was doctor time. I cleaned her up, he cleaned the bed and we headed to the E.R.

We didn't wait to crazy long, they gave Bella Some medicine to help with the nausea and her fever. We ended up coming back home finally around 10am and we all feel asleep. Poor Bella was so weak last night she had a hard time even walking. She finally woke up at 2pm so she finally slept for a while and everyone around here was groggy all day but when Bella woke up she was feeling better and that made us all happy. She was just tired and wanted to cuddle which was just fine with me:) baby needed to rest.

Just another Friday night right? not...Fort Hood does this thing called "time out for parents" every forth Friday of the month which was today and Doug and i where signed up...we have been waiting for a month to finally go on a date since we don't go on many here but we knew we really couldn't. Oh well...Doug got pizza and ice cream and we are having a date in now:)  Oh the life of a parent lol.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Have The Best Kid In The World!

I am sorry to all you other parents out there because somehow we ended up with the BEST kid in the whole world! She's not only adorablee, but she's loving, smart, independentt, and brave. I know all parents out there think they have the best kid ever and I'm glad...we are biased because we love them so much!

Adorable is self explanatory when you look at her. Her loving-ness is precious. She loves giving besos to Doug and I. She'll just grab our faces and lay on a nice big sloppy kiss! or a hundred. Also she loves to cuddle up when she first wakes up, or right before her naps/bedtime. Or any random time she feels like giving us loves she does and i defiantly don't mind:)

Smart: I know everyone thinks their babies are super smart and i am one of those parents! She knows how sign: Please, all done, mas, food, and eat! And she has great manners, before she gets anything she says and signs please and when she gets it she says "thanks!"

At 22 months she can say:
monkey and make a monkey noise (oohohh aahahh), rawr like a tiger, thanks, awww (when she sees something cute happen), cute, pretty, nice, snack, wiggles, dance, kikki, juice, love you, book, OPA!, shoes...

some of her sentences are:
i go
i cute
monkey please
so cute!

She can also count to 3 and she repeats her ABC's after me.

When we go to stores she'll touch clothes and say "oooooohhh cute!" or pretty. She's girly and funny like that.

Independent: I never thought i would say my one year old is independent but she is in certain aspects. I first really noticed when we went to Galveston for the first time. We where on the beach and i know my little girl loves water but we couldn't push her to do so, she had to stand at the sand and then go in by her self which brings in how brave she is. She concurred her fearr of the different water that was in front of her. Not only did she go in at her own time but she just kept going in further and further but only at a safe distance.

She loves watching and dancing with her wiggles, she loves singing with me, reading book by herself but mostly with Doug and I of course, cuddling of course, PLAYING OUTSIDE, getting ready with her mom (playing with make-up brushes), playing with dollies and playing tea, and just chatting.

She talks and talks and talks, who knows what she really says but she can hold a conversation. She's just getting so big and every day she just seems to get smarter and smarter. Doug and I are just amazed of how silly, and funny she is.  We defiantly love watching her grow!