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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A quick update!

I've been a terrible blogger lately which I hate because my memory isn't very reliable and I don't want to forget any of these moments.

Anyway a little update on my favorites. I'll start with charlie since she is probably my ghe one who's changed the most. She is now ONE! I can't believe it! I knew time would go by fast but it's going by even faster than before. We had a fun little party to celebrate nothing too spectacular but it was fun! All her favorite people came and helped celebrate her very first birthday. She is so loved by our family. It makes me so happy. 

She is also such a little sour patch kid. She is the sweetest little thing. 

She snuggles so sweetly and then ask for a million kisses which I just love. But before you know it she's pulling her sisters hair and laughing when she screams. And don't you dare tell her no because she will immediately start sobbing. 

She also started walking at ten months! I couldn't believe it. I wasn't expecting her to walk until after she turned one. It's so cute watching someone so little walk around. Her favorite part of the day (besides eating) is walking to the bus stop to pick up her sister. 

Speaking of her sister....she recently got a hair cut and loves "showing off" her new bangs and short hair (that isn't even short.) 

We also signed her up for mini vikes again this year and I'm happy to report that she is doing WAY this year than she did last year. She is actually running towards the ball and trying to kick the ball into the goal. It's super cute! 

She did so well we decided to sign her up for spring soccer! She doesn't need cleats or shin guards for mini vikes but she does for spring soccer and you can bet your bottom dollar that I loved getting her new gear. It's so cute! I'm a little embarrassed of how into the game I get into her silly little game (that they don't even keep score at.) but I really cheer and yell....I'm that mom. My poor kids. 

But at least they are cute. I took this on Sunday. It's impossible to get a picture of both of them smiling and I tried go on sudnay since they were "matchymatchy." Im a sucker for Costco and matching outfits. But I got this and I loved it because charlie is begging for a snack (that we were trying to bribe her with) and  Bella is looking at her so lovingly. She is the greatest big sister! She loves her even when charlie is being mean to her. I tell Bella that being the big sister really is tough sometimes. 

Now a doug update!! I'm excited because I don't update on him very often but but I feel like he's been awesome lately. Always really but I'm just super grateful for this guy. He's so hardworking and such a softy with our girls. He is finally, FINALLY on day shifts! Something we took for granted for so long but it has been wonderful having dinner with him every night. It makes the days go by even faster. He also got his second raise and got us our dream car! It's not new. In fact much older than our current car but we both love it. We are now going to sell my jeep and in 12 months we will be 100% debt free!!! All thanks to this guy. He has taught me so much. And he really works so hard for our family. I'd say I owe him for life but I had two of his kids so I think we're almost even.

Now onto myself. I had been feeling like such a mediocre mom for a while and I decided enough is enough. I cut myself some slack, took the pressure off and thought I'd just try my best every day. I'm happy to report it worked. I'm not so worried about having a clean house but making sure I'm enjoying my babies while they are still babies. 

I snuggle charlie when she wants to and forget about the laundry and dishes. Bella and I have read 5 junie b jones books together the last month and played a million games together. Our new favorite I got for a steal of a
Deal ($1.99) is guess who!

Let's face it. I'm sick of shoots and latters and candy land. This game was more for me than her. I've also been waking up before these girls so I can run and shower. It makes the day a lot smoother. And I have to run because I did a half crazy thing and signed up for a half marathon. 

I thought it was the only way to keep myself motivated and accountable because every day matters. I'm super out of shape and it's getting out of hand. When you don't feel good about yourself you have to take control and do something about it and I did. My sister signed up with me! Now don't worry my goal isn't to finish in an hour in half but to know I prepared enough and finish it. 

Last week I complete freaked myself out and I over trained. I ran hard and Pushed myself for 5 days thinking I needed to get in shape now and that 3 days a week wasn't enough. My sister took me if the ledge and reminded me that we had time to train and to not strain my out if shape body too much so I don't get burnt out. 
I'm excited for my big goal! It's pretty overwhelming sometimes but I know I can do it!