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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Power of Friendship.

I never thought a common after school high school job would be the place where I'd meet such a wonderful person. My soul mate. My friend from before we where here on earth. My best friend Markie Elizabeth Clift. I was 8 months pregnant and it was her first day on the job. I was suppose to "train" her since i had been working there so long. We clicked immediately! of course her telling me i looked great and barely looked pregnant defiantly helped our friendship level. Our friendship started out casual, we'd work together occasionally and we'd always talk and laugh. What i liked the most about her was how she would really just look at me. never judge me and never think twice about what kind of person i was underneath my belly. I was in a very tender time in my life. Soon i left work for a few months on my maternity leave and when i came back to work markie was gone. i learned she had some oral surgery so she's be back soon. I remember her calling me one day asking me to work for her because she had some "i need to make an ex jealous" problem. She was so honest and out there it caught me by surprise but i think that's when we both realized we where closer than we thought. She came back to work and everyday we became closer and closer.

i was a new mother at the time like i said before and i was in DESPERATE need of a good friend. My life was no where near perfect and all i wanted was to be the mother my daughter deserved. Markie was there every day for me. She was always such a good listener, she helped me threw some of the hardest decisions i have ever had to make and i will forever be grateful for her.
Markie was also LDS and even though i was raised of goodly parents in the church i usually shunned LDS people. I for some reason wanted nothing to do with them. Especially being a single mother, i thought they would judge and ridicule me. Think i was less than them but markie NEVER made me feel that way. She never shoved her religion on me but she was always a great example. The way she dressed, the way she talked, the way you could tell in her voice that she loved and respected her family. I was completely envious of her. Don't get me wrong i am extremely close with my mom and she is also a great example but i had never met someone so young and so strong in her faith.
I ended up spending a lot of time with markie and her family. They invited me with open arms in to their home, baby and all. I also was afraid that her parents wouldn't want her to spend time with me, i didn't want them to think i was a bad example for their daughter. I was changing little by little but i knew i wasn't perfect and i thought i wouldn't want my own daughter to spend time with a girl like me. I thought very little of myself. Markie changed that though. She reminded me that i too was a daughter of God and that he wold always love me no matter what mistakes i made.
Finally one early morning life guarding the pool i asked markie if i could go to church with her next Sunday. She smiled and said yes. i warned her i would try and get out of it and what i might say and after i asked myself "did i really just give her all my excuses!?" when that Sunday came i still tried my excuses but markie knew better so i knew i was stuck. I went to church and of course received a few not so friendly remarks but i had markie by my side so i felt strong. I felt the spirit for the first time in a very long time! I kept going every Sunday and i felt like the more i went the better of a mom i became.
All markie was, was a great friend and a beautiful example to me. I owe her the world. She helped me become the mother i always wanted to be just by encouraging me to better myself. I ended up meeting a wonderful man, receiving my endowments, and getting sealed and married in the Boise temple. All with markie by my side. My daughter has the family she deserves and we will be together for time and all eternity.
She was a much needed and wonderful tool in heavenly fathers plan for me, and i am very proud, grateful, happy to call her my best friend.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

31 day challenge!

Its just a picture game but i figured, why not? It might be fun so here i go...
Day #1
A picture of yourself and ten facts.
1. My family is my life! My husband, my daughter, our parents, our sisters, nieces, and nephews. I could never want or be able to live without them.
2. I am an old soul who loves simple things.
3. I have amazing friends.
4. My favorite color is red.
5. i HATE earwigs!
6. I love taking pictures especially of Bella.
7. Dove Chocolates are my favorites.
8. I'm a terrible driver in the snow.
9. Coffee ice cream is my favorite and weakness.
10.I LOVE diet Pepsi.
Day #2
A picture of you and the person you have been closest to the longest

My mom, my hero, my best friend. My mom is so strong, loving, and selfless. She has taught me everything i know. we have become so much closer the past two years and i have loved it! I want to be just like her! love you mom:)
Day #3. A picture of the cast from your favorite show.
Whats not to love!? They make you laugh, they make you cry and their theme song makes Bella really dance! She loves it! I have season's 1-8 and my husband can tell you i love this show and i cant wait for seasons 9 and 10;) Christmas hurry up! 
 Day #4.
 A picture of your favorite memory...
I know I'm only suppose to pick ONE picture but its MY blog and i cant pick just one. The day Bella was born was magical! Truly life changing and she was my little personal miracle. The moment they put her in my arms every fear i had ever had washed away from me. My life changed forever. The evidence was clear, i changed and met the love of my life! Getting sealed to him was also my favorite memory. With him our family was complete and my daughter finally had the father she deserved! Now tell me, how was i suppose to pick one over the other??
Day #5
A picture of your night.
I happened to have a great night! Doug got off early and since i spent all day cleaning he helped me finish the laundry. It was so sweet and since Bella was napping him and i ended up just talking about our future home and what we hope it looks like. It was so nice to just sit and talk to Doug about our future:)
He also ended up making us dinner for Bella and I and while Bella and i waited i gave Bella a carrot. she mostly played with it and was silly. She was too funny! After dinner Bella was pretty crazy, running around the table screaming and being crazy! Its nights like this that I completely love!
Day #6 A picture of someone you'd love to trade places with for a day.
I LOVE OPRAH! sometimes i stay up late just to watch her show. I love how she gives so much and some of the people she has on her show are really inspiring! I love hearing their stories. However i hate her "Opera's favorite" show because i become so jealous of everything everyone gets! Also I love her book list. Her crafty ideas, her fun mom activities. I know she isn't perfect but i think she handles her fame and what she does with her time is amazing. She helps a lot of people and i really don't think she does it for the publicity but even if she does, she's helped a lot of people and i think everyone wants to be able to help as much as she does. At least i wish i could.
Day #7. A Picture of my most treasured item.
Diamonds are a girls best friend! My husband asked me to be his wife and gave me a "temp" ring. I wore it for about two weeks and i was able to fly with Bella to Kentucky (her first airplane ride:) and pick out my real ring! We made a trip out of it. Went to Kay jeweler and i tried on about a billion rings and found out again that i LOVE simple. I don't just love it because its fancy Nancy i love it because Doug and i got to choose it together. It symbolizes that i am a married woman and that a man loved me enough to work hard to let the world see it. Cheesy i know but that's who we are. Cheesy in Love<3
Day #8 A picture that makes you laugh.
This picture was taken September 15, 2009 when i lived next to my best friend Markie who decided to dress Bella....they ended up being "Sames, Sames"
it was soo cute! Markie loved the fact that Bella looked just like her this day and wanted to take her out everywhere! We went to her parents house to show them, then Kay's (to pick up Doug's ring) and of course Costco! It was a fun day and i LOVE looking at these pictures. These two girls are crazy funny together!
Day #9 A picture of the person who has gotten you threw the most.
My Baby Bellsie.  She is my angel from above! I don't know how i ever lived without her. She has loved me unconditionally since the day she was born. I remember hearing her cry at the hospital for the first time and being so scarred. I kept thinking, "what if i cant comfort her enough to make her stop crying?'' i was so terrified but the minute they placed my beautiful angel in my arms she stopped crying. She knew her momma. It was love at first sight and we have been inseparable ever since! I love her, and she helped me become a better person. She taught me what happiness and life REALLY is all about. How the little things is what we should treasure the most. And the days where we can just sit back, cuddle and relax really are the best!

Day#10 A picture of the person you do the craziest things with
I went to georgia and kentucky to see him
I married him
I moved to texas with him.
I fell in love with him.
pretty crazy if you ask me:)

Day #11 A picture of somthing you hate.

I absolutely HATE when people smoke outside the mall next to NO smoking signs! I just want to take that no smoking sign and smack them with it!
Day #12 A Picture of something you Love

My wall:)
I know it sounds silly but it is so nice to be able to look at my wedding picture everyday!

Day #13 A picture of your favorite band or artist.
It's hard to just pick one artist or favorite band but katy perry always puts me in a happy mood! not to mention I think she's very pretty and bella loves her too!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Good to Be...

Bella, its good to be your mom.

to watch you play
to hear you laugh
to see you smile
to comfort you when your sad....
I'll always love you, and I'll always say, "its good to be your mom."
 Doug, It's good to be your wife.

to tickle you when your sleeping,
to waking up next to you every morning.
to snuggle with you on the couch after a long day.
to relying on you to help me threw anything and everything.
to love you forever and always. I'll always say, "its good to be your wife."
 It's Good to be together<3

Sometimes i just sit and ponder how much my life has changed in the past year and i cant help but just smile. I am one blessed daughter of God. I don't just love my family, i like them, and I'm happy to have them.

.A Fun New Tradition.

I want Bella to look forward to Christmas every year and not just for the gift but for the fun wonderful food, crafts, movies, and just time we spend together! We have started a few traditions with her. 1. we have the usual ornaments that we get. (they where in a previous blog entry) and now my new favorite her "village." A friend of mine gave me this idea because i had never herd about it before. Her mom gave her a new piece of a village every year on Christmas. She started out with one and as they years came her village grew and grew. When she married her mother gave her the whole set and when she started having her babies she started it the same thing with them. Sadly her mom recently passed this year and she said her village means even more to her now because its like her mom is with still during the holidays.
I thought this idea was great for so many reasons. Now and while she grows this can and will be something fun we do together. As she gets older she'll look forward to picking the pieces herself and when she's grown and away from her mom like i am she can pull it out and that way we can still be together during the holidays even if we cant physically be together. Also it will start her Christmas decor for her future home:)
The piece Doug and i picked for this year is an adorable gingerbread set. Its one piece but has three houses on it and the coolest part which Bella enjoys the most is that when you push the black button the houses light up and music plays and we all know how much she loves music! She learned how to turn it on and off the second we gave it to her. Doug and i did good:)

I love Christmas!
 We also Made our own snowflakes and Christmas chain and hung them on the ceiling fan just to add a little extra Christmas decor!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our little growing monster!

Look how much my baby has grown! I found her old pajamas the other day and put them on her and she was way too big for them! She has grown so much in the past year and i have loved every minute of it!

She can now say Mama, Dada, Mas (more), hi, Please, No, Love you,buh-bye, yesh, woooahhh (when she See's something pretty), mine, and thank you:)

she runs, walks, climbs and when she puts her mind to it she can climb up our patio stairs and open the screen door.

She also likes to takes daddy's keys and put them up to the door knob.
She enjoy watching Shirley Tmple movies, toy story 3, friends with mom;), sesame street, monsters inc., Sid the science kid!

She still loves dancing in the car, when she hears the friends theme song, or any chance she hears any music at all!

Doug usually gets her breakfast ready on the weekend and i honestly feel like she really looks forward to it! When they do start having breakfast together i wake up to "Dada!"
and on and on, they laugh and call each other i love it!

We do as many fun family activities as we can, we try to end every night the same though. Read Bella a book at night, say a prayer at night, and kiss her goodnight. We spoil her and she loves it! I am really looking forward to the rest of our time together<3

Love you baby Bella, keep growing and smiling sweet baby girl!

Count Down to Christmas

 What better way to help Bella look forward to Christmas than a chocolate every day? My Middle sister Blanca brought this home for me one year and i have loved it ever since! I thought Bella being 1 and loving chocolate this would be perfect for her! She is loving it so far:)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis' The Season!

Christmas is right around the corner and we where lucky enough to have my parents here to help us decorate our tree! We all had such a blast, especially Bella of course:)

She LOVED our ornaments especially taking them out and handing them to us.

 Our final masterpiece and OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE!!

Our Family ornament. Its a football Texas Longhorn. We picked it out because its our first year in texas and football is all around us! it will make a nice memory in the future:)

 Bella's Ornament. Once again it'll remind us (and her) of living in texas.

Mommy's Ornament:)

Daddy's Ornament


While we decorated my mom read Bella her brand new Disney Christmas Book. She loved it!
It's starting to feel a lot like chirstmas!