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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bella's First Fishing Trip!

The Roberts invited us to go fishing with them last weekend and it was so fun. I was worried that Bella would get bored and I'd end up chasing her everywhere but she sat, relaxed, and just enjoyed the whole fishing experience. We didnt get her her own pole yet but with time we will eventually get her own. I'm super excited for the many many more fishing trips we'll take:)

Mccrae just hanging out and relaxing:)

Doug caught a tiny fish but he let Bella real it in so she could feel what  its like. She really liked fishing with her daddy.
Bella cracked me up. She wore her swim suit underneath her clothes and she saw Maday's Dad AJ go into the water so when she saw that she took her clothes off and ran to the water. There was no stopping her! She saw he was fishing and she WAS going in that water. I've never seen her move so fast and have her mind set like this. There wasn't any asking us so Doug being the awesome dad he is jumped i with her and that made her VERY happy!


I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and since i get to stay home with Bella i have been really trying to do fun activities with her during the day so were not just home all day. Also since we are in Texas its already warm so we where able to go to the splash pad with our friends Madaya and Mccrae and their mom Kendra. The kids had a BLAST and we all got a little tan:)

After we let the kids "cool down" by taking them to the jungle gym across the park. It was sooo much fun! The kids really did have a lot of fun and Bella took a great nap after! Successful day to me!

Here are some fun pictures of our day:)

Happy Easter!

This Easter was by far the best Easter Ive ever had! I was actually prepared and got Bella's Easter basket ahead of time (phew!) She woke up a little grumpy and when we showed her what the Easter bunny brought her she went straight to her new princess doll and was VERY happy after that. she didn't even really notice anything else in her basket until later that day.

Anyway, we got ready for church and we actually had to be there early because i was asked to give a talk on the atonement. I was VERY nervous. I don't remember the last time i gave a talk at church but it was great! i learned so much when i prepared for my talk and i think it made Easter so much better. It helped remind me how The savior atoned for our sins and how truly blessed i am and my family is for him.

Later that evening we went to our new and very good friends house (Kendra and AJ Robert) for a fun Easter BBQ. Kendra and i went shopping the day before for food and it turned out to be so much fun! There was about 5 different families who came so it was a full house! The kids had their own egg hunt after dinner and they just had a blast! All of our lovely husband even had fun on their trampoline. They all got on there to play crack the egg and i was so scared they where going to break the trampoline the whole time! It was a really fun evening and I'm so glad we have been able to meet so many lovely friends.

We ended the night with some pretty nails. Doug is truly the sweetest dad ever. He really doesn't care what is going on around him, or people think he's weird because he is playing with his little girl and that's all to matters to him:)

Bella and her best friend Madaya. They are the cutest together and hold hand everywhere they go and when they go more than a day apart they are both asking to play together. So now bella has two best friends, Olivia and madaya:)

They both even got princess dolls for easter. Madaya got the repunzel princess and Bella got cinderella.

Doug and Bella. So cute <3

We Did a few pre-Easter celebrations as well which where lots of fun!

Bella and Madaya before the Easter egg hunt in our church playgroup.

The kiddos going threw their Easter eggs. They where super excited!

The Girls at BLORA for their Flash light Easter egg hunt.

Hunting some eggs and using their flashlights.

We where also fortunate enough to watch "baby buddy." ( Bella nick named Carter and it stuck) he had lots of fun at the hunt just people watching:)

We had a super fun Easter! Its def one of my favorite holidays now. Its a great day that reminds us how lucky and blessed we are for being able to ask for forgiveness and how fortunate we are to forgive. I also love all the fun activities we can do with Bella and all the family time we get:)
I hope everyone had a great Easter too!