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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bella Graduated!

     I'm so glad Bella only graduated from know Kindergarten I don't think I could handle anything else. I can't believe how fast this school year flew by. Bella has learned and grown so much this year and I'm so proud of my little cutie. 

     Bella getting her "diploma." She was so funny! 

     My mom and Bella. She sure loves her Grammy:)

     My sister and Olivia. Proud aunt and cousin! Bella loved having them there. I kept hearing "that's my cousin Olivia!"

     A rare family picture. We're almost all looking. 

     These two love each other!

      Bella and Ms.Demond. She is seriously such an amazing teacher! I am so happy we were lucky enough to have her for our first year of school. Honestly dropping off your baby for the first time with pretty much a stranger feels so wrong. She helped ease all my worries the first few weeks of school. She was so approachable and available to me when I had questions and Bella absolutely loves her! She would come home every day and tell me how nice she was, what she learned and how much she loved her. 
     My favorite is when Bella came home for a few weeks and tell me about a little boy who kept saying mean things to her. I asked her if she told Ms.Demond and she said no. So I told her to talk to her about it and see if she would help her. I was afraid she might ignore her or push the problem aside. She 100% fixed the problem the next day. I was so proud of Bella and so grateful for her teacher. We will definitely miss her. 

     Bella loved taking pictures with her friends. I think they were all so cute but u know we missed a few like her best friend lillia. But all these girls are just as cute! 

     My sweet Bellsie girl I love you so much. You are so funny and full of life! I can't believe how fast these 5 almost 6 years have gone by. You have surpassed all my expectation of you. You are sweet, smart, thoughtful, hard working, and so full of love for your family. You are also so stylish and amazingly beautiful inside and out. I am lucky to be your mother. I'm lucky to be able to watch you grow. Keep growing, and keep shining! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Camping Trip of The Season.

     We had such a fun weekend! We went camping and we crossed our fingers that the camp trailer would be okay. Doug has been working so hard on it the last 2 months and he put a lot of work into it. We both have a lot more to do with it but our goal was to make it livable for this trip at least and I'm so happy we did! I'm 100% hooked to camp trailer camping. Not only did we sleep in a bed but we slept worry free of my babies freezing at night.

     The girls had so much fun playing outside and exploring. This was Charlie every nap and bedtime. Seriously no fussing. Just out like a light. 

     Bella also relearned how to ride her bike. She learned a few months ago but she was a little rusty so Doug retaught her and 5 min later she was zooming past us. She rode her bike up and down the campsite 80% of the time we were there. It was so fun watching her. She's so proud of herself.

     The girls enjoying a nice snack. Did I mentione Charlie refuses to be fed? Because she does. She rather starve than be fed. I rather let her make a HUGE MESS than let her starve. 

     Also I turned 25 while we were there. It was probably the best birthday i have ever had. It started with the most thoughtful gift ever from Doug... 

     A new set of scriptures. Seriously beautiful and so thoughtful. He also gave me a CTR ring. Also beautiful! 
     Then Doug and I went on a nice long four wheeling ride with his grandparents and aunt and uncle. 

     The view was breathtaking. Doug was so worried about my birthday not being special but seriously does it get better than this? 
     Debbie even surprised me with cake and ice cream! So nice and thoughtful.  

     Since there's 25 candles I clearly needed a little help from Bella. 

     I was sad the weekend went by so fast. Charlie definitely wore Doug and I out everyday from chasing her and she was always super filthy so I am happy to be home but at the same time I can't wait to go again. 

I Ran 13.1 Miles.

     The day finally came. I was actually very excited for the tutu run and to put my training to the test. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep the night before but lucky for me I slept like a baby.    

     A before picture of Blanca and I. It was a chilly morning but luckily it didn't rain. 

        I felt great the first 6 miles. Even when I started getting a little tired around mile 7 I  was able to keep going. Unfortunately at mile 11 I hit a terrible wall. I just wanted to stop and walk but luckily my sister helped push me and helped not give up. I had to keep saying outloud "you got this."
 "Keep going."
"you can do it."
     Even though I felt a little bit like a crazy person it really did help me keep going. We finished in 2 hours and 35 minutes! I cried happy tears when we got to the end because I couldn't believe I was able to finish such a hard goal! I thought of the example I was making for my family. Especially Bella. I was so grateful for my sister for always being a good example, always encouraging me and for running with me. I was also super grateful to Doug for always helping me get my runs in even when our schedules were crazy busy. Seriously my family is awesome! Even my parents to came to support us! 

     I already can't wait for my next one;) okay maybe I can wait a little bit. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Family Mini-Vaca Day 8

     Our last day. I was so bummed because we truly have been having such a great time together. Our plans were to go to the museum of natural curiosity and I was so excited since I've herd so many great things about it. Also I was excited to be able to just let Charlie down and play.

     We weren't expecting to be petting coyotes there though. Bella wasn't thrilled about it. 

     Charlie loved being this little activity. The silver circle spins and you make all sorts of things roll on it. 

     Look at the joy on her face! Seriously she loved it. Then we went to a different section and while Bella put on a play for me Doug let charlie play in the toddler and baby section. I snapped a cute picture of them. What I didn't get a picture of is when I took Charlie back here to play later and another little boy was playing with this wagon and she almost shoved him to get this toy back. We call her Godzilla for a reason. 

     The water section was Charlie's favorite! She loved this water table and so did I! I wish we had one in our house. I just realized I didn't take any pictures of Bella here. She had so much fun too though! I loved taking her to a place like this and actually being able to play with her. They had a sign that said "put your phone away and play!" And for the most part I did. I only took it out to take pictures.

      We met up with the Roberts again and Bella loved played with her bestie Madaya again. We were able to go to lunch with them too but I have to say it was so hard to leave knowing we won't be able to see them for a long time. 

     After we headed to IKEA since we never get to go. It was too much fun! We didn't even leave until 6 and we still had a  long drive ahead. Luckily the girls had played so hard that they napped for the first hour and a half. 

     They both were so good on our trip home I was super impressed. We got home so late and we still had to put the girls to bed and unload everything. Doug and I were exhausted but I have to say it was so worth it! We had such a great time with each other and the girls! 

Favorite parts of today:
•Playing with the girls at the children's museum. 
•Going to lunch with our friends. Seriously it was so fun chit chatting with them!
•IKEA! I already can't wait to go back, but my wallet can! 
•Driving home. We had a fun road trip home. Good snacks, good conversation and fun singing with the girls! 
•Laying down on my bed. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Family Mini-Vaca Day 7

     Today is the day Doug had been waiting for! He has gone to the Hogle Zoo a million times as a kid and he was so excited to make memories with us.  

     We started with a train ride. Charlie wasn't so sure about it. But the rest of us loved it. 


     They had a lot of life like dinosaur robots. They would move and make noises. They were super cool! I wouldn't think Bella would really like them but she loved them! I love that my super girly girl loves dinosaurs too.

     Aren't these two the cutest!? It rained for about 20 min. We hardly noticed since we luckily went inside one of the buildings with the butterflies, reptiles and other creepy creatures and when we were done we noticed it was raining. We thought about buying an umbrella or poncho but 5 min later it stopped. It was perfect!


      We relived some of the pictures Doug had as a kid. He loves this zoo because it reminds him of his childhood. I love that! 

     I'm not sure how many times I herd "mom take a picture of me!" From Bella. I'm not complaining:) 

Favorite Moments of Today
•Spending the entire day with my family
•Watching Doug relive his childhood with our girls. Even though he bought Bella a really annoying toy that his mom bought him when he was her age...
•Charlie splashing in the rain puddles 
•The dinosaur robots