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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Doug and I planned a last min trip during his spring break to Dallas. Its only 2 hours away and we thought, why not? We planned some super fun activities and now Bella is old enough to really enjoy the activities as much as we do. We left Wednesday mid morning (no rush) and got to Dallas around one in the afternoon and headed straight to Ripley's museum. Bella was so cute when we got there. She was dying to go inside the "castle." and kept saying "i wanna go in the castle!" "come on!" how cute is she!?

We went inside and it was a lot bigger than we thought. They had a mirror maze, a wax museum of famous people, a laser game and a Ripley's museum history section. Bella really enjoyed all of it. we let her walk with us and she was amazingly good until the end only because she was so tired. We left and headed to our hotel. After we settled in we decided to get freshened up and go out to dinner. we looked up some places to eat from the show dinners, diners, and dives and OMG best idea ever! we went to a Hamburger place named Twisted Root Burger (the best hamburger place in Texas.) and it sure was good! Doug was very happy with me for picking such a Delicious place to eat lol.

On Thursday we planned to go to the zoo and the aquarium. However the Dallas zoo was way bigger than we expected and we didn't make it to the aquarium that day. But the zoo was every ones favorite part of the trip hands down! Bella is still talking about seeing all the animals:) we saw i think 10 giraffe's, 4 elephants, 2 gorillas, a couple rhino's and those where just my favorite! Bella's favorite part was the kids zoo. It had tons of rocks to climb, a horse and camel to ride and her absolutely favorite part was the water area. we didn't plan on her getting wet but we did bring extra clothes for her in case of accident so that worked out perfectly because she went from getting her legs wet to sitting in the water and getting soaked!

We also got to feed some birds. It was really neat! you pay for bird good extend your arms and they land on your arms and you can feed them. I was okay with one but then 3 landed on my arm and i started getting nervous so Doug took a turn. Bella really loved them but one bird tried to peck her so she didn't want to pet anymore after that just watch. It was really fun!

Our last and final day was loads of fun too! we went to Lego land! we stood in line for about an hour but luckily it was kinda early so Bella just wanted to sit in her stroller and watch a movie while we waited (phew!) and we got pretzels while we waited so it really wasn't bad at all and time went by fast. We got inside and rode on a cool game ( a lot like the toy story game in Disney world) and well...Bella like it and Doug LOVED it! he totally beat our score and was proud. We saw a cute 10 min 4D movie inside and played with LOTS of Lego's and I'm pretty sure Doug won the best dad award ever. Bella and Doug played together the  ENTIRE time! He even helped her sing a little karaoke because she was nervous. We left there after about 2 hours and had all the intentions in the world of going back since we could come in and out as we pleased without having to stand in line anymore but we ended up walking threw the whole mall that Lego land was in and we went to the aquarium (that was also in this mall) but it was a bit of a bust. super tiny and very crowded. I think we where in it for maybe 20 minutes. but by that time we where tired and ready to head home.

we really had such an amazing time together! and every night we where all exhausted! Bella is still chatting about the animals and today asked if we could go to "eggo land.'' i love memories like these and cant wait for many many many more! especially since we know Doug isn't going anywhere far any time soon for any other holidays, birthdays, etc. life is good!