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Monday, July 6, 2015

Fathers Day 2015

     I think we had the best Father's Day ever this year. I really really wanted to make sure Doug had a super fun and relaxing weekend and I'm super happy that my wish came true. 

     Doug started his weekend by taking his dad on a date er I mean not a date just a dinner and a movie. I may or may not have teased him a little by calling it a date :) 
     They had so much fun together and I was super happy that Doug was able to spend some good quality time with his dad. Doug seriously loves his dad. He looks up to him so much, always calls him for advice and absolutely loves spending time with him. I love mark because Doug is always so brave and tough for our family but sometimes I can tell he needs someone to be brave for him. I wish I could be brave for him but he being the man he is wont let me because he always wants to protect me. When he's feeling like that I always count on mark to come help him. The times are rare but every time Doug has needed extra strength and a blessing I've been able to call mark and even though he's always busy he will drop everything and come. For that I will always be so grateful and full of love for that man. 

     So Sunday right after church we met up with my parents and the joyners for some swimming and fishing. It was super fun!

     The kids were able to play and run around. They all loved it! 

     The guys were able to relax, fish and enjoy their day! How cute is this sight though? Charlie fishing with Doug and her grandpoo. 

     My dad seriously has both by girls wrapped around his finger. He's such a softy with them and they absolutely LOVE being with him. I feel like my dad is one of my weaknesses. We are so much alike and we love eachother so much. My girls love him too and the thought of anything ever happening to him or ever living without him absolutely breaks my heart. I find myself sometimes just so worried for him and I'll call him to make sure he's okay. He always is but days like today it makes me remember how grateful I am to have him. I love you dad. 

     Honestly I was so happy that Doug was able to have a fun relaxing weekend. The guy deserves 100 more relaxing weekends since he works so hard for our little family. 

     Doug enjoying his gift from me. An awesome camp chair. Seriously I want one now. 

     Father's Day always makes me a little teary eyes. I always just think of how we started and I cannot believe how incredibly lucky we are to have Doug in our lives. From the beginning he was thrown into fatherhood and always thrived. 

     I remember when these two met for the first time. They were truly ment for one another. Bella loved him instantly. 


     I need to tell him more often what a great job he's doing. He makes such wonderful memories with our girls. He loves them so much. He loves bringing Bella flowers especially on Valentine's Day and it always makes her feel so special. These two have been working in the garage a lot together too and Bella has been loving being able to help her hard working dad. He's always so proud of her too! 

     This little munchkin has brought out a whole different part of fatherhood that Doug missed out on with Bella. A newborn baby. I don't think anyone has ever been able to make him so tired but so happy at the same time. 

     Even at 1:30 in the morning like in this picture. Wide eyed and bushy tailed. 

     Charlie loves her dad so much. Dada is her second favorite word. Bubba being her first. Mom is wayyy down the line. 

     Your doing an amazing job with our two girls love! We're lucky to have you and I'm sooo lucky that you are the father to my babies. Couldn't have asked for a better man!