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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Crazy Easter Weekend.

My goodness we had a super busy weekend. I honestly felt like I was going nonstop until Sunday evening. It was so worth it though. 

Saturday I woke up bright and early so I could run my SEVEN miles and I sure did!  It's starting to feel so good and peaceful and it might sound crazy but fun to run. It still hurts sometimes, I still run super slow , and it's still hard but I'm loving how I'm able to push myself. Even 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have believed you if you told me that I would run 7 miles. 
After my run I showered and got dressed and we headed to an Easter egg hunt. It was short and sweet just how I like it. Especially since Godzilla (charlie) was screaming at me until it was finally time to let her get eggs. It's so cute how she puts eggs in her basket. She's so smart! 

Bella picked Doug to take her to hunt eggs so I didn't get to watch her but she came back with a few eggs and was happy so I'm sure she did great! 

We came back home just in time for conference and I'm so glad we did. We sat together and listened to our prophets and church leaders. Bella is starting to enjoy it too which I love. She kept asking when President Monson was going to talk. 

I loved how much they spoke on families this session. I think my favorite part that spoke to me was when one of the speakers (sorry don't remember which one) said "we have to be willing to offend." 
It sounds weird and maybe rude but what I took from it was that we shouldn't be afraid to stand firm in our faith. We shouldn't try to be rude or offensive but if our faith is questioned we shouldn't be afraid to speak up. 

Unfortunately we missed the second saturday session because Bella had her first soccer game. (Don't worry we are going to catch up tomorrow!) she was so stinkin cute! Her team did so much better than I anticipated. They made so many goals that at the end of the game the other team had 5 players to our 3. All the girls did really well! 

And Bella even made 3 goals. She was so generous that one of those goals was for the other team! 

Charlie clapping and cheering for her sister. 

Bella turning the ball around. Her coach has really done a great job with the girls. She has made each practice fun for the girls and had been able to teach them a lot too. It really showed in the game. I loved how after each goal the girls would look at their parents with the biggest smiles! 

After bellas game we went to the inlaws for dinner and an egg hunt. Dinner was fun and delicious and the kids loved the egg hunt! Especially with the bunny ears grandma got them:) 

After the hunt we had a new dessert that I made 

A Lemon Berry Trifle. My first Trifle actually. It took a lot of time and love to make it and it was very rich and delicious. 

We ended the night with a game of monopoly which I have never played before. Doug thought it was super weird but hello I'm mexican. We played loteria, accitron, dominoes, and uno growing up. It was too much fun since we played until 10:30 then I quit and snuggled charlie 
Which she never lets me so I truly felt like the real winner. I think christmas was the last time this sweet girl let me rock her to sleep and I just soaked her in until midnight when she woke up and started crying for her crib. I told doug it was time to call it quits in monopoly and go home. 

It was such a fun night though! We came home and I filled a bucket just full of goodies and candy and I thought maybe I should tell my family to not spoil our kids with so much but honestly who am I to tell their grandparents not to spoil their grandchildren? I'm sure I'll be the same way :) 

Sunday we woke up exhausted! I really didn't want to get out of bed but I had rolls to make for my family. So I made rolls and a fruit salad and then we watched conference.

 I almost cried a few times. But the talk by Elder Brent Nielsen had me in tears. He taught me to never loose faith in my loved ones. We love, we watch, we pray and we wait. I just listened with tears in my eyes. It was such a comfort to me. I thought of my mom. She has always had faith in our family. She said she knew if she was faithful our family would be together forever. She is such an amazing example to me. I now have to be like her and not loose faith. And like Elder Nielsen I will love, watch, pray and wait. 

Right after conference we took off to my sisters house for a late Easter lunch. I just love getting together with my family. The kids just love each other! We had a delicious lunch and another Easter egg hunt for the kids. 

Even got a good picture with all of them! They are so cute! We all played farkle together after and before we knew it was 6pm! The day flew by. It was crazy. 

By the time we got home it was almost bedtime and we were all exhausted. Even though our weekend was jam packed I'm so grateful for it. We had such a fun weekend with our families. We loved being able to just talk and play games together. I LOVE that my girls get to grow up with cousins. I'm glad I get to spend time with my beautiful nieces and nephews too!

Soccer, 8 miles, Grandparents and Robie Creek!

Our weeks have been flying by lately and our weekends are too! 

This is how my weekend started 

I was trying to make dinner for the missionaries and Doug walked in and said "umm did you see Charlie?" 

I said "yes but I just don't care. She's happy, she's not in my way or crying so I'm happy!" We call her Godzilla for a reason. Honestly in this situation I could get mad or just let her make a mess and keep cooking with a smile on my face:)

This week I had a decent 4 mile run Tuesday but Thursday I did another 4 miles and it was a hard 4 miles. I was suppose to do 8 on Saturday and I was feeling very nervous and discourages. I had done 7 before and felt great but the last two weeks I hit a mental wall.i decided Friday night I wasn't going to psych myself out and I was going to do finish. Maybe not fast but I could enjoy the scenery at least.  I mapped out a different route for my run than my usual and that helped so much! 

At about a mile I stopped real fast at Dougs grandparents graves to visit and pray with them. 

It may seem weird but Doug and I have been talking a lot about going more often since we only live a mile away. We live in the house they build together and Doug LOVES them. His grandpa Chet passed away when he was 5 but Doug recently told me the sweetest story of his grandpa. When he was 12 him and his dad were visiting his grandma here in the house we live in. The garage isn't connected but his grandma left all his tools and workbench out there just like his grandpa had it. Doug was out there standing by his workbench and he felt his grandpa next to him. He started crying (happy tears) and went inside and hugged his grandma and told her what happened and she said "you've never felt that before? I feel him all the time." 
How amazing is that!? Especially since I honestly thought he was here when Charlie was a brand new baby. I'm not sure why I thought it was him (before Doug told me this story.) 

One night in particular Charlie woke up in the middle of the night and did not want to go back to sleep. Doug and I tried everything and she just did not want to sleep but then suddenly she looked passed us in the dark, there was nothing there and she just started giggling so hard! She was really small so we had barely herd her laugh at that point but she was laughing like crazy. It was so crazy. She's pause her giggle but still stare at the same spot and smile and then start laughing again. I told Doug "I think your grandpa is playing with her!" And he agreed. It's so funny how we both felt the same thing. 

When I went by myself I'll be honest I felt like it should be weird because they aren't my grandparents. I never even met grandpa Chet but I feel so much love for them. I feel a true connection to then and I feel so blessed by them. It felt more natural to go then to run past them. I'm very happy I was able to go. 

Anywho I ran better than I ever had. Not super fast but I didn't even stop to rest or stretch again until mile 4. I always want to leap for joy when I'm halfway and I usually stop and stretch and I started to but not long at all because I felt fine really so I kept running until I hit a mental wall after I reached 6th mile. At first I thought "only two left you got this!" But then I thought ...
"Ugh I'm over this." I kept going but I swear that wasn't the longest mile of my life. Finally I hit the 7th and I cruised thru my last mile! I got a burst of energy and I was able to finish strong! I did a total of 8.25 miles and it was a beautiful run! I was very grateful to live in Middleton. I live in downtown Middleton but I ran in the country for most of my run. It was a beautiful and calm scenery! 

I was so proud of myself! Running is such a mental game but I'm glad I didn't give in. Next week I'm doing 9!

After my run we went to Bella's soccer game. Her team did great! I love watching her play. I think I already get way to into it and they don't even keep score...

Here are some of her team mates. Sophie and Dawn. They are so cute! Lucky Bella after her game we picked up her doll that she earned by picking up dog poop for a month! 

She earned this new frozen fever Anna doll! I'm glad we made her work for it:)

We ended our weekend with a wonderful church day and family night! My family came over for dinner to celebrate my sister finishing Robie creek, you know the toughest race in the northwest. No big deal...not! She has been training for this crazy 1/2 marathon that is over 8 miles going uphill and 5 going downhill. Killer! She's a champ! 

We are all super proud of her for not just finishing the race but for accomplishing one of her goals! She seriously works so hard at everything she does. I'm super proud to be her sister! Go Blanca!