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Friday, May 27, 2011


Luckily for me we made it back to Idaho JUST IN TIME for my high school friend BreAnna's wedding! She married a wonderful guy named Derek and not only was i able to be there for her special day but she asked Bella to be her flower girl:) we where soo honored! Her reception was beautiful! her colors where blue, green, and purple and they looked lovely!

The table setting

Center Piece

The Cake (which BreAnna made herself!)

Cute Decor

Look how nervous Derek looks!

And here comes the bride happy as can be!

His Expression completely changes!!

I Do

Some of the beautiful bridesmaids! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE their flowers!)

You may now kiss the bride<3

Bre Also made these (hardworking bride!)

As you can see they where delicious!

Cute ring bearer

Cutie flower girl:)

Awesome shoes!

Bella and one of the bridesmaids Austyn

Clearly I am not a photographer but these are a few of the snap shots i took of BreAnna's and Derek's special day and i wish them all the happiness in the world!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moving, moving, moving and some more moving.

We are now professional movers....not! I very much dislike packing, hauling, taping, storing, etc. but it is what it is. Doug is being deployed to Iraq for 6 months to a year and even though it is awful that he has to be away for so long i am grateful that he is going to safe place in Iraq! While he is gone Bella and i are moving back to Idaho because we have friends and family there and in Texas we do not lol. These last few weeks here together we try to enjoy as much as possible so we are celebrating my birthday, mothers day and any other reason to hang out together:) I'm very glad we did because with all the added stress and separation anxiety a little fun and lots of laughter was just what we needed.

Mothers Day Flowers :)

Took a break from packing to take some silly pictures

Went to BLORA one last time for family day

At the laundro-mat 2 days before our move

Again at BLORA (not BAlora)

Helping dada take down her crib:)
(what a big helper!)


On the pattleboats

so fun and such a beautiful view!

Spaghetti dinner! (easy dinner since we had packed almost all our stuff!)

What Bella did while we packed...

In utah somewhere...we gave her a nice snack:)

MMMMM otter pops!!

Im so grateful we got to spend some fun time together before we all moved:)