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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bella Turns TWO at the ZOO!

I blinked my eyes and suddenly my baby girl was turning two! We celebrating at the Anne Morrison Park and the theme was ELMO! It was fun planning a birthday with a theme i knew she truly would enjoy. So many friends and family came and it really was so fun! The sun came to wish Bella a happy birthday too:) My good friend Anne Helped me decorate her cupcakes because i wanted to make them myself:) We also made an Elmo cake. It was so fun! Bella loves parks and being outside so i knew this would be perfect for her. The day before her party we put some feather extensions in her hair and i knew she'd love it! She looked super cute with her feathers:)
Day Before her party with her cute feathers and Bieber shirt (yes were bielibers)

Bella also got to open a gift early for her aunt patty, uncle Brandon, Issy bissy, and jack jack! She loved it!

Olivia and Bella running around causing mischief

Opening presents


Bella and grandpa mark:)

Olivia being a cutie with Elmo

cutie girls

Bella's Best Friend

mmmm cake!

inside the Zoo

worn out girlie after her party (that's how you know she had a good time)

Bella's Party was a hit! i was happy that all the kiddo's that came had a good time too and the adults enjoyed all the snack provided. I don't think Bella knew it was "her day" but she knew that she got to play with her friends all day at her "birfday" and "party party" all day. She's so cute and so smart i can hardly keep up with all the things she learns every day. She is like my little mini me and i love it! she repeats EVERYTHING so everyone def learns to mind what they say around her:) Later that night i wanted to take Bella to go see Kung Foo Panda 2. Bella loves the first one and i thought she might enjoy this too:) Since Doug wasn't able to make it i invited my parents to come too.

The whole day was so busy but so fun and full of her favorite people (minus dada) and friends. She got so many wonderful toys and gifts and i she loves then all (even though she was super shy opening them). Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating with us and i know the only thing that could have made it better was if her dada and tia patty and other cousins where there too. I'm so happy Bella really enjoyed her birthday and it was filled with so many memories. I'm excited for her next birthdays because i know they will be just as special if not more. i love my sweet pea and i cant believe how big she's gotten. I've loved every second that I've had with her and i am so blessed to be her momma! Best job ever!