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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Fling

Bella's new favorite words are "signed up." It sounds silly but she now knows if I sign her up for something she gets to try
Something new with a bunch of kids. Last Saturday I signed her up for a Western Cheer's spring fling. It was a full Saturday clinic where she learned a cheer routine and then the following Friday she'd preform at the nampa civic center. 
She was so excited Saturday morning but it really was just such a long day for her (9am to 3pm) so she was exhausted and done by the time I picked her up. I think I really should have gotten there sooner to help calm the beast. If you know Bella you know the more tired she gets the crazier she gets and her listening skills are 100% out the window. I asked her if she had fun and she said "it was a little bossy." Lol. 
Anyway luckily they sent out an email with a link to the routine for the girls to practice and practice we did! I'm glad because I don't think she would have remembered anything if we didn't. I actually had a lot of fun practicing with her because she's so dang cute to me! 
Friday came and I was more excited than she was I think..even though she kept saying "come on mom, were late!" From the min she woke up lol. But i looked up cheer hairstyles and made her and Olivia some bows brought put some make up on her and we were ready! She needed up doing such a good job! I was def a proud mom. The only bummer was that Doug had to work so he missed it, but being the awesome dad he is he kept texting me asking me how she was doing. 
After she preformed she said "mom sign me up again!" 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I love my body.

I am grateful for breastfeeding. It is so hard and tiring at first not to mention painful (nobody warned me). Day #5 was the hardest and I was tempted to give up. Especially since Charlie likes to comfort suck but not on a pacifier. I tried 6 different kinds. But I am now grateful and 100% okay with her not caring for a pacifier and here's why.
Last week when we were at the hospital before anything really got started we sat around for about 5+ hours. I fed Charlie twice and both times with a cover like I always do. Even though I knew the nurses and doctors are professionals and we were in our own room but that's just how I feel comfortable nursing everywhere besides my home. Well then they putin Charlie's IV and that was terrible. Three nurses held her down on her little bed and she screamed and cried and I couldn't pick her up. Doug couldn't pick her up. I couldn't explain what was happening because she couldnt understand. I tried holding her little face and it didn't help her. Finally I decided I didn't care who was around and I leaned over the table, pulled down my shirt and nursed my baby. That was the only thing that calmed her down and soothed her. 
There is moments in life when you want to take away every ounce of pain your child is having. You are willing to do anything to comfort your baby and I am so grateful that even though I couldn't take away her pain I could still comfort her. She stopped crying and the nurse was able to finish faster. Yes I am grateful that I didn't give up. That I didn't care what others thought and mostly that I was able to find a way to show my baby that I love her and helped soothe her. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bella is playing soccer!

When Charlie was 2 weeks old I was crazy and signed Bella up for soccer. I thought "how fun to do something JUST for Bella." Then after I thought "it's so cold outside, what was I thinking!?" But then I learned it was indoor soccer! This mama was happy! 
They only had two practices and then games every Saturday for a few weeks. Bella loved it! She wasn't very focused during the game but she had fun running around, dancing and occasionally kicking the ball. They didn't keep score at all but you can bet your bottom dollar that Doug and I got waaaayyy too into the game lol. I'm a little worried for when she gets older...
It's nice being back in Idaho for things like this because she didn't just have Doug and I cheering for her but she had both sets of grandparents and my sister went to her games when they could too. She loved it:) 

Bella and her team at their first practice. 

Getting her certificate after her last game.

Her entire team. How cute are they!?

Bella taking a "selfie" with her soccer buddy:) 

I'm so glad I signed Bella up this year! It was a little crazy with a new baby at first but it really did feel great to do something just for Bella and that so many of her favorite people went. My parents especially because they only missed one game! Super grandparents!

Charlie's 2 month update and favorites!

My little chunky monkey is a whopping 12 lbs and 9 ounces and over 24 inches long. She's in the 80th percentile for weight and 90 for height. She really has grown so much this month. She is a great sleeper and before she started taking her medicine she'd sleep from 9 or 10pm until 4am sometimes 6am! Now I have to wake her up 5 hours after she last ate and she's so funny when I wake her up to feed her in the middle of the night. She doesnt cry just is pretty limp lol. She opens her eyes for a second or two and then falls asleep again. I have to Un-swaddle her, tickle her feet to get her to eat. 

This second month has gone by so quickly. It's finally not freezing so we have been able to put Charlie in the moby and go in walks, or go to the park and both Bella and I have loved that! 
Speaking of moby here are our favorites for this month! 

1. Jungle play mat: Charlie loves looking around now. She just stares at the animals on her play May and smiles at them. It's so cute! 

2. Moby wrap: seriously the best thing ever!! We live really close to a park so I was able to put Charlie in the moby with a blanket around to keep her warm while Bella road her bike and Doug walked the dog. Charlie fell asleep in the moby so I was able to really enjoy the fresh air and watching and listening to Bella play. I also used it at the kids fair, church, and the store. Charlie falls asleep every time! 

3. Her fist: it's so funny, the last two weeks she has just loved her hands and is constantly putting her little fist in her mouth. It's so cute watching her discover her little hands:)

4. Aden and anais swaddle blankets: these are newer. My sweet sister brought these to the hospital while Charlie was there and I have loved them! They are big enough to wrap around my chunky girl and she really stays swaddled in them. I've also used them to nurse in. They are really light so Charlie doesn't get as sweaty and it's nice just taking one of these instead if a swaddle blanket and a nursing cover. 

5. Bibs: oh my goodness does this girly need a bib. If she doesn't wear one I'll have to change her clothes 3 or 4 times a day. She prefers mommy bibs ;) 

6. Swing: Charlie finally loves her swing. She will stares at the little flowers (or bears, we have both) and then falls asleep which is nice because I can get things done or I can play or read with Bella.