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Monday, October 27, 2014

9 months!

My baby is 9 months! She is the cutest little baby (yes I'm biased.) she's also SOOO dang big it's kinda sad. She is already in 12 month clothes. One outfit is actually a bit snug on her. She's so much different than Bella clothes wise. Bella could wear one outfit all day long and it still wouldn't be very dirty. she also wore each size of clothes for a long time so she was able to really wear her clothes multiple times, but charlie is so messy she needs to change 2-3 times a day and some of her clothes she hasn't even worn because she grows out of everything so quickly. 
Anyway a little about her this last month. The only new and exciting thing is she is standing on her own! I get so excited when I see her stand up for a few seconds on her own. I can't believe it! The first time I saw her do it was at my sisters house and I shrieked with excitement! She stood there for about 7 seconds which I know isn't very long but I'm her mom and it's amazing to me! She walks (when she wants to) with her walker pretty well. She's so cute! And as cute as it is I feel like she's way to little to be standing or walking with a walker on her own...

Slow down sweet baby. 
 Here's another 9 month picture. I think these pictures have been my favorite with the pumpkins, the chalkboard and charlies little fall outfit. Today actually felt like fall. It was a bit chilly outside and it was so fun and cute bundling charlie and Bella on our way to and from the bus stop. 

Charlie usually rips hats off the second they are on her head so I'm surprise she kept this on the entire time. I think she liked being bundled up too. 

Paint and Sip, The Fall show, Pumpkin Carving and the Primary Program!

I had one of the best weekends! Friday was Blanca's birthday and we celebrated by going to paint and sip. It was something new and so much fun!

The finished product. It was fun to see how different everyone's turned out. I'm glad I was able to do this with my sisters and mom. I think it would be super fun as a date night too! 

Saturday came and I made French toast and bacon for breakfast. Everyone loved it and I loved having breakfast with my family. We got ready and went to the fall show in Boise. It was suppose to be crafts and help give you ideas on how to decorate your home but it was really just a bunch of vendors. I was kinda disappointed. I only saw two crafters. I say kinda disappointed because I did expect for it to be 50% vendors but it was still a fun family event. 

After we went home, carved/drilled pumpkins & cooked the seeds. They were alright. Doug loved drilling the pumpkin. He hates carving them because he gets impatient and he said that's his new job every year! 

Bella surprised me with how helpful she actually was at carving and how long she actually helped. Usually it's for 5 minutes and then she's done. She stayed the entire time!

Charlie loved it because we put her in the high chair and gave her baby snacks the entire time. You want to win my babies heart? Give her food. 

Our two pumpkins! I think they turned out pretty good. I'll admit they look better without the flash. 
After pumpkin carving we went to our stake's Harvest Fest. They had face painting, a punk in contest, food, dancing and a hay ride somewhere. We did it all besides the hay ride and it was actually a lot of fun! I didn't know a lot of people there and the people I did know had already seen my dance moves so when Bella wanted to dance we danced! It was so fun! 

They had the party outside,  it was pretty dark and Bella randomly asked us to run into the field and look at the stars and we were having such a good time I decided "why not?" We ran out there giggling and laid down on the grass and stared at the stars. Doug and charlie joined us and Bella said she saw a shooting star so she closed her eyes for a minute and then said she made a wish. Then she whispered in my ear that she had wished
She could be a princess, that she could eat cotton candy every day, that candy was healthy, and that she could get her drivers license without having to take lessons. It was so incredibly melt your heart precious! One of those moments you day dream about when your pregnant with your little baby. One of those moments that I will hold onto and treasure forever! In other words, yes I cried. 

Anyway we went back to the party and danced some more. It was SUCH a fun family day. 

Our weekend ended on Sunday which was also great! Our ward had its primary program and the kids are too cute! They asked our class what made their family special and Bella said "my mom and dad made a very cute baby, I love my baby sister." And she does. They ended it with my favorite hymn " I stand all amazed." And again I got teary eyed. 

I loved my weekend and I was sad it went by so quickly. They always seem to. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My 1st Ipsy Bag review and October Favorites!

 Have you herd of ipsy? It's a $10 Monthly Beauty bag subscription. My friend Janae told me about it and the more I looked it up and YouTubed it the more I wanted in! I signed up and thought I'd try it out. There is a wait list but if you subscribe, follow, and like a couple things your off of it that same day.

So the bag for October (did I mention you get a new bag every month?) was a super cute teal bag. I love it! 

This month I got 
A Doll 10 beauty highlighter 
Figs & Rouge hand cream
Indie lee brightening cleanser
Skone cosmetics Tattooed waterproof eyeliner 
And Starlooks lip gloss. 

My favorite items were definitely the eyeliner and the highlighter. I was so excited to try both! It really is just so fun to get a little treat just for me. I feel like everything I do is surrounded by my family especially my girls which is great but it's nice to remember myself. I also asked my friend Megan, my mom and my sisters if they wanted to sign up and do it with me because duh the more the merrier and they did and they all loved their ipsy bag too!
I thought I'd also add some of my October favorites too since I'm being selfish and talking about myself so much ;) 
 The first and second go hand in hand. My Naked 2 Pallet that my wonderful husband got me for our anniversary and Too faced shadow insurance. Shocker the primer really truly makes a difference and my new eye shadow pallet is soooooooooo pretty! If I didn't have two girls I would play with it all day, and my eyes would probably be bright red lol.
#3 My mom and I went to Ulta together and they had a buy 2 get 1 polish free and we decided we needed to take advantage of this awesome deal! Out of the three these two are probably my ultimate favorite polish colors ever. Especially and surprisingly the real one "ski teal we drop." The other one is "in the cable carpool lane." 

#4 Too faced better than sex mascara. I've herd a lot of people rave about it and I decided I'd try it out for myself. It didn't disappoint people.
#5 An oldie but a goodie! I've had this lipstick for probably 2 years. I haven't been very brave with lippies ever. I feel self conscious when I wear them but recently I wore a bright and bold lipstick and Doug complimented me like 3 times and apparently that was all I needed. Now this Blissful berry is my favorite and I'm finally brave enough to wear it and enjoy it :)
#6 Always a favorite for this lady. January thru December. I have such thick hair that I hate blow-drying and taking the time to do it every day. a few sprays of this and you wont even know I didn't wash my hair that day...or the day before...or the day before that. seriously I go 3-4 days without washing my hair. Yes I still shower every day though.

#7 another anniversary gift and I am loving it! The Anastasia Brow wiz. Can I just say I have always always been skeptical about filling in my brows because I might be one too many swipes away from looking a little "lean like a chola" but this nifty tool made me brave enough to fill them in and my brows look great! they have shape now, my eyes look more awake and overall I just feel prettier.

#8 last but definitely not least the bath and body works pumpkin apple candle. I just discovered how amazing the bath and body works candles are and I am loving them! I love how one candle will make my entire home smell delicious. this particular scent is amazing on a cool brisk day reminding me that yes Christmas will be here soon!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post. its not a post I would normally write about but I'm feeling more like myself these days. I'm remembering that doing something, anything for myself is so refreshing! I'm lucky to have such a great husband who encourages me to take time to myself and treat myself when we can.

Also if you want to try the ipsy bag for a month or two (you can cancel whenever you want) I will post a link right HERE!

Friday, October 3, 2014

My sweet Bella.

I have been so proud of my sweet Bella the two weeks. Unfortunately  about 2 weeks ago two people I know lost their babies. One I'm close to and the other even though I'm not close to my heart broke for her. In those moments I wish I could fix the situation or do something, anything for them. There wasn't much physically I could do so I prayed for them all day long. At night Bella and I always pray together before bed and that night was no different except I told her we needed to pray for these 4 parents. She asked why and I told her that their babies passed away. Her face immediately became serious. She asked a few more questions, I answered some and then she prayed for all 4 parents. The amazing part is for the last two weeks without reminding her at all she has been praying for them by name. My little 5 year old amazes me sometimes. I don't think I have ever been so proud of her. At five years old she already has such a strong testimony of prayer.
We recently added my moms friend to our list. And tonight she asked if anyone else needed our prayers. So if you know anyone who needs an extra prayer let us know. We will gladly pray for them. It's the least we can do.