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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bella turns THREE!

Time sure flies. I cant believe my baby is THREE! this birthday really caught me by surprise. Poor Bella didn't even have many 3T clothes. I kept buying 2T because i didn't realize how quickly her birthday was coming up and she was growing out of everything! She has really changed so much in this past year. She can talk up a storm. forget 3-5 year sentences and hello full on conversations. She is OBSESSED with Halloween, swimming, the splash pad and her "best friends." she loves playing with kids now and i love watching her play:) she is also fully potty trained which is wonderful. She only has occasionally accidents at night but really not often. She still loves singing and dancing. She loves dressing up as a princess and goes around saying "I'm princess Bella." I love how she already knows she's a princess and wont let anyone change her mind.
Bella over the past three years, i love watching her grow:)

I caught her sleeping and it reminded me of the picture above:) I'm glad i take so many pictures!

Bella also had a super fun birthday party! We had been planning it for a while and i loved how it turned out but didn't love how i woke up that Saturday morning feeling miserable. Any who she had a carnival themed birthday and she's actually old enough to have friends over to invite. Our house and backyard was filled with kids and it was wonderful! I loved everyone who came and helped make her day extra special!

Bella's "best friend" Madaya was a must at her party! arnt they so cute!?

Cute circus girls!

Blowing out her Candle, she really loved every minute of her party this year!

I don't know who enjoyed opening presents more, Doug or Bella? This was actually Doug's FIRST birhtday with Bella. He was at Basic Training for her 1st, and for her 2nd birthday he was in Iraq. I loved how he was so excited to FINALLY celebrate with his favorite little girl.

We let Bella pick her cake and she loved that! Its not a birthday party without cake!

Bella is an only child and even though it was her party she needed a cheetoh alone break lol. Silly girl.

Morgan Getting her face painted, she's so cute!

After all of her guest left she insisted on putting on her new Belle Dress. She had so much fun and now she cant wait for her next birthday....she still has 365 days to go lol