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Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's great to be 8...months old!

I've been awful at keeping up with charlies monthly updates which bums me out because I know i forget all these first of hers!
But hopefully I won't procrastinate any more :)

Charlie is 8 months (and 2 weeks old) now. Her first tooth FINALLY broke thru yesterday! Her two bottom teeth have been coming and her gums have been swollen for a while but they took their sweet time actually breaking the skin. Charlie has been a champ though. It doesn't seem to faze her much. 
She is now fully crawling and had been for about a month and a half. She was a late roller but as soon as she started rolling she started rolling all over the house and then just full on crawling. For the past two weeks she's been mastering pulling her self up and walking along the furniture. I still can't believe how mobile she is! She loves opening and getting into anything she's not suppose to. Her nick name right now is "trouble." Infact we might change her name to charlie trouble maker Simpson. 

She also LOVES eating anything but baby food. She wants what we're eating and sometimes refuses baby food. And for about a week now is only drinking formula. I wanted to breastfeed for a year and around 7 months I started to get worn out. She was still waking up twice a night and I knew it was because she wanted to nurse for comfort not because she was hungry and being the selfish mom I am just wanted to sleep thru the night. It took her a while to get her to drink formula but once I did (and by i I mean my sister) she had no problem taking a bottle except at night which I expected. I slowly weaned her off her night time bottle and sure enough she decided waking up for a bottle wasn't worth it. So we are both now happy and well rested! 

Here are her monthly pictures. It's not as easy as it looks....

But in the end we end up with a decent picture :)