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Monday, June 27, 2016

Bellas 7th birthday!

I say it every year but it's true every year "I can't believe Bella is Seven!" 

I love celebrating my kids and I really try to make sure they feel special on their birthday. I think it's just a great opportunity to remind them how grateful and blessed you are to have them in your life. For my Bella though she was my first born and so I call her birthday my mommaversary too:) such a special day! 

This year we FINALLY had a decent backyard so we decided to take full advantage of it. We invited a few friends from her old school and a few from her new school and of course all of our family! Bella actually said recently "I'm so happy my best friends are my family." 

 Bellas cousin and her bestirs from her old school in Middleton. I'm so happy they were able to make it! Bella was so excited.
My niece Olivia was hilarious and the best photobomber!

Bella really had a blast and all the kids did too. Two things that make me happy 1. Bella feeling super special and 2. A house full of kids! 
It was a great party!

On her actual birthday we started the day by singing to her first thing in the morning and going downstairs for breakfast and presents! By the way waiting until her birthday to give her presents is sooo hard for me but I made it! But first a joke gift curtosy of Doug. Beans, Mom's flip flops and a toy that was already hers. Her reaction was hilarious! 

And then her real gifts! She was super excited and I was excited that her favorite  gift was the decendants book I found on a whim a few weeks ago and knew she'd love! We had a whole day planned for her and she took it everywhere! Mom win!

Little thing to make my girlie feel loved was this idea that stole from my sister. 

We went to lunch and got our nails done with my mom after because that was her gift to Bella which Bella LOVED! Then our free Dutch of course. You can kind of see her minion nails. 

We ended our evening with dinner at her choice last year she asked me to make her dinner and this year she chose Costa visa and a movie. We had such a fun family day and I was happy when Bella said it was her best birthday ever! Love my baby Bella!