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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A few summer pictures.

I'm a slacker with blogging lol. I know it, I'm working on it:)
Anywho summer has begin and so have our fun summer activities! I decided to share a few of the pictures I've taken. Bella and I have a little weekday schedule with our playgroup from our ward which is so fun! its movies on Mondays (the theaters show kid movies for $1 a person during the summer,) Tuesdays we swim at our friends pool, Wednesdays we go to the libraries story time activity, Thursdays is the splash pad and Friday is our sleep in, clean and relax day. When Doug gets home from work we sometimes go swimming, go on a walk or just hang out together. It's been a super fun summer so far. Bella has loved how much fun we have with her friends all week long. Here are some summer pictures. Enjoy :) 

Making "pizza" at the USO story time. 

At the dog park with bailey.

LOTS of swimming<3

The library's "splash party." So fun! 

Another story time pool party with friends and pizza! Fun family time. 

And finally our water balloon fight! This was so fun and of course I didn't get pictures because we were having to much fun. When we ran out of balloons Doug taught Bella to fill up this blue bowl and try to dump it on me lol. 

Those are a few of our summer activities we have done so far :) I really am going to stop slacking and blog more. Especially since we only have 6 weeks left here in Texas. Yes I'm sad, I honestly love all of our awesome friends that we've made here and it makes it hard to leave them. 

Bella lied:(

My perfect little angle got caught in a big ol lie. Sure she's lied before (kinda) but as soon as we asked if she did it shed admit to it right away. This time she planned it, did it, and when we asked she kept on going with her story. It sounds silly but it made me sad that she knowingly was lying. It took us about 30 min to get the truth out of her.
It really was a silly lie too, she chewed off the nose to her stuffed panda and told us  bailey our dog chewed her panda. I went to scowl bailey and she didn't flinch, cower or anything though she just looked at me with her tongue out and usually she cowers and goes to her kennel so I knew for sure she didn't do it. When I told Bella she insisted she didn't do it and I told her if it was an accident to just tell me the truth and I wouldn't be upset and she wouldn't get in trouble. She wouldn't budge on her lie. Then she said her "oso" did it. And then a witch. Finally Doug and I broke her down by telling her since bailey and oso broke her panda that they couldn't live with us anymore. Doug put bailey outside and hid the bear and finally Bella cried and said she wanted her dog and that she did it. 
I felt so happy when she finally admitted to it and told the truth. We had a long talk with her and made her apologize to bailey and oso for trying to get them in trouble. 
Bella is growing and is so smart. I love how smart she is but I really don't want her to learn bad habits. I want her to be able to tell us the truth especially when it's hard and to know that we will always love her no matter what she does. I must be extra sensitive and I know a little lie seems silly to be so upset about but I know a little lie can always turn into a lot of little lies and then a lot of big lies. Especially in the world we live in I feel pressured to really make sure she believes and wants to follow the standards we teach her. When we prayed at night I made sure we thanked our Heavenly Father for helping us learn not to lie and I really feel like she learned her lesson. 

Race to read.

Bella ran her first race yesterday. It wasn't anything crazy just a 1K that she did with her two friends Jackson and Morgan. I don't think Bella really understood what she was suppose to do but she just ran with her friends and was happy to get a medal at the end lol. It was a fun morning at the race but super hot!
The kids at the end with their medals and new books! 

The girls running and holding hands. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


While my mom was in town we had our first baby ultrasound. I was so excited that she would be able to come and experience this with us. I felt so weird that day because I was as "excited" as I thought I would be. I realize now that I was just anxious. It was so nice to be able to see our little gummy bear though:) he/she is perfectly healthy and that made me do happy and that's when I let my excitement flow in:)
To be honest though I'm not sure what I enjoyed watching more. Our baby or Doug's face when he was seeing our baby. I literally saw him fall in love with our baby and that is a moment ill never forget<3 
It was also fun to see how different Bella and baby #2 are already. I remember my first ultrasound with Bella (around 6-8 weeks) and she was moving like crazy! I remember saying she was already dancing in my belly and this baby was moving but not as much. I hope that this is a sign that he/she will be a mellow baby like Doug. Wishful thinking lol. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bella's 4th Birthday!

Seriously HOW in the world is Bella 4 already!? I cant believe my baby is getting so big. This year Bella had her party completely planned and she knew exactly who she wanted at her birthday party. Its so cute to see her with all her friends. This year she wanted a Hello Kitty party and since she LOVES swimming I decided to do her party at one of the pools on post. I really wanted to make her birthday cake but ill be honest I absolutely suck at cake decorating so I just ordered her cake. We also ordered pizza, got some water and Capri Sun, made a fruit salad and called it a party! it was such easy set up and her party really turned out fun.
Since we had her party at the pool we didn't have to limit her guest list which was AWESOME because she does have a lot of friends and they could all just come with their families and have a fun family day.

The Gift bags! 

Birthday girl eating some yummy pizza!

Her cake! (looks waaaaayyy better than if I made it.)

Bella and her daddy :)

Maddie, Lily, and Ella

Our attempt of taking a family picture in the pool...

Bella and Macy, can you tell Bella just loves her?
So on Bella's actual Birthday I let Bella pick ANY place to go to lunch and Doug was able to meet us up at....burger king! funny how this is where she picks but really I wasn't surprised since the one on post has the best play land. After Doug got off work we took Bella out to see "the croods" it was so funny! We got Bella her own individual cake and sang to her when we got back which she loved and wanted us to sing to her over and over again! She really loves her birthday and I love making it as special as I can! I love this little lady so much and I cant believe how big and beautiful she is.

The birthday girl looking as cute as ever!

every time I do these picture collages of her I just cant believe how much she's grown. I've loved every minute of it!

Bella and her cake!

and finally we ended her celebration at the doctors. She had her 4 year old check up about a week after her birthday and this check up was a little different than all of her past check ups. This time the doctor asked her questions instead of just me. He asked her to count, to jump, walk, run, to draw a circle and a cross. She did really well except she doesn't really know him so she was a little shy of course and when he asked her what color her pants where she shyly said " I don't know...." and the doctor told me I needed to work on her colors because she should know them by now. She DOES her colors, she's known them since she was 2! talk about feeling like a bad mom lol, luckily at the end of the appointment when belle had warmed up to him she was able to show him how she does know her pants are blue, her shirt is white, and her shoes have pink on them. phew!
Bella was happy throughout her entire appointment until the end...she needed 4 shots and you would think that the older they get the easier getting shots would be but I feel like this was the saddest set of shots she's ever gotten. first of all she didn't like being in her underwear in front of the nurse so I could tell she felt embarrassed but she laid down like she was suppose to. we told her she was getting shots and after the first one she looked at me and said "mom it hurts, stop!" but she needed three more! She looked at me like "why aren't you helping me, she's hurting me!" she defiantly did not want to be the nurses friend after. I told her she needed the shots to help make her healthy and strong but she still wasn't impressed. luckily she wont need anymore until she's 11 (not including her flu shots.)


Bella has grown so much in the last year. She is now out of nursery and in primary. She wants to go to school, she actually plays with her friends instead of just right next to them. She does have best friends which is really sweet to see her friendships develop. She even stuck gum in her hair for the first time lol. I did a little questionnaire with her and these were her answers.

  • What is your favorite color: rainbow
  • What is your favorite toy:  her mermaid Barbie
  • what is your favorite fruit: Grapes
  • what is your favorite cartoon: Super why
  • what is your favorite thing to eat for lunch: a lunchable
  • what is your favorite outfit: my rainbow dress
  • what is your favorite game: Candy land
  • What is your favorite snack: fruit snacks
  • what is your favorite animal: Her bunny Susan.
  • What is your favorite song: We are never getting back together by Taylor Swift
  • What is your favorite book: I wear my tutu everywhere
  • Who is your best friend: Brianna, Madaya, Jackson and Morgan and Olivia
  • What is your favorite thing to have for dinner: Spaghetti
  • what is your favorite thing to do outside: jumping on the trampoline with daddy.
  • What is your favorite thing to drink: Chocolate milkers
  • where is your favorite place to go: Chuck e cheese
  • Who do you like to sleep with at night: violet (the bear), Susan the bunny, and my blankie.
  • what is your favorite thing to have for breakfast: Toast