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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our FIRST family vacation!

So it is no secret these days that my wonderful loving husband is a hero and will be deploying soon. Its a subject we don't talk about too much because it makes us sad when we do...SO we decided we should go on a real, relaxing, FUN, family trip. We found out that Galveston Island is only 4 ours away so we booked a hotel room at La Quinta 10 miles away and where able to stay for 5 whole nights! We where sooo ecstatic! We drove out Wednesday around one and arrived at 6...Houston traffic is awful!! we where wiped so we went out to dinner and just drove around that night.

The next day was fabulous! We headed out in our beach attire:) Bellsie was just excited to spend so much time with us and when we got to the sand, water, and sunlight! There where a few dead jelly fish so i was paranoid about them the first day with Bella walking around even though she was wearing water shoes. After we walked around the strip and went in and out of fun touristy stores:)
yes we are tourist and cannot help it lol.

Our week flew by! We found Stewert Beach which was much cleaner but our favorite spot was off Jamaica Beach. It was completely quiet and only 2 other families there. Doug got an awesome kite and we flew it which was a BLAST! Bella especially loved it there. She was able to run freely since we didn't have to worry about her running into anyone or taking any ones things. She found a Board and had a funny fascination to it. She kept running into the water and then run back to the board and when Doug sat on it she'd tell him all about the water:)

We also went to Moody Gardens which was such a blast!!!
It has an Aquarium Pyramid, Discovery Museum, A 3D theatre, The Colonel Paddle boat, and we got to watch a 15 min 4D Dora movie! We spend the whole day there. Our skin needed a Little break anyways and we couldn't have picked a better day.

Bella had such a wonderful time, every night on our drive to the hotel she was soo tired. She was a little grumpy sometimes but she was just so happy to be able to spend so much time with us and Doug and I where equally as happy. Trips with kids will always be a little stressful but we still had a wonderful time. Just having "us" time was wonderful. We didn't have any place we had to be, we didn't have to meet anyone, we just did what we wanted, when we wanted, and with each other. Life was so sweet those days and when we came home we where still happy and relaxed.

I think sometimes we take life for granted and the people in it. Being a parent especially we as a couple at least i do forget how important it is to find time for each other during the day. To treat ourselves. I've been so worried about being a good mom and helping Doug be a dad that i didn't realize i need to worry just as much to be a great wife too. This trip together reminded me how lucky i was to have such a wonderful man and little girl in my life and when I'm not worried about dishes, dinner, bath times, naps, etc i was able to enjoy them like I'm suppose to=]