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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trying to get healthy for baby number 2 (or three;)

So Doug and I have been trying for another baby for 15 months now and it's been an up and down journey. Overall I think it's brought us a lot closer together emotionally. Since we have been trying for over a year we can see a fertility doctor (yay!) we have gone twice and so far so good. We just LOVE our doctor. She's super nice, funny and overall very compassionate. She doesn't treat us like a number and we don't feel like we're waisting any time. The day after our first appt she sent us to get some blood work and the next week when we saw her she said I am not ovulating so she prescribed me clomid. Clomid is suppose to help me ovulate and hopefully it works:) we have three cycles worth and if it doesn't she will send us to a specialist in San Antonio.
Any who she also said Doug and I should try to be as healthy as possible if I do get pregnant. She told Doug anything I do he has to do which I like because it helps us feel like we really are doing this together. So we have cut off caffeine completely (so long diet coke), and started to really eat more veggies and fruit. To be honest it's so expensive to eat healthy and it's easier to eat junk (and faster) but we know our doctor is right so we are trying our best to listen. Also we are suppose to be active for at least 60 min a day. The active part is my favorite and easiest so far. Yes I have a three year old and Doug and I really are always on the go with her but its been amazing the last few weeks because Bella has been learning to ride her bike. She started in a red tricycle that was very close to the ground and now rides a 14 inch bike! The bike looked giant at first but she rides it like a pro now. For valentines day we even got her a basket, some steamers, a new bell, and a water bottle for her bike. It's super cute! So now Bella and go to the park or around the neighborhood almost every day and I walk/run while she rides. We do anywhere from 1-2 1/2 miles a day. She really goes fast enough for me to run along side her and today while I was running I was thinking "man this is so awesome that I get to work out with my favorite girl." I think half the battle with me is letting go of the guilt of leaving her for 1-2 hours everyday to work out. I know it's not much time but when Doug comes home and I go to work out we only spend dinner together as a family and that's it. And walking/running with Bella AND Doug sometimes just makes my whole day. It really has become my favorite part of the day. This last few months/year were hard on my heart. I can't express how much I wanted a baby brother or sister for Bella and a new baby in our family but I feel so grateful for the two other members in my family now and I love the time we are spending together to make it possible.