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Monday, December 17, 2012

She's my mom.

Recently I've been trying to get Bella to understand that her Grammy is my mom and that her Tia's are my sister. It's been kind of confusing so I asked my mom to send me some pictures of me when i was younger and she did.
She sent me the sweetest picture of me as a baby and her holding me. I think sometimes as daughters we forget/don't realize that our mothers love us as much as we love our babies. This picture reminds me of how much my mom loves me. The way she was holding me and just looks so happy and I'm just snuggled and asleep and obviously feel so safe in her arms. I just wanted to share because I seriously LOVE this. I love the moment.
Bella does understand a little more that she's my mom but I think I gained more from these photos this time:)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ward Christmas Party.

We had our ward christmas party and it was a busy fun day! It was an ugly sweater party and Doug and I managed to find some pretty ugly sweaters at goodwill. There was a lot of people who showed up with LOTS of food. Bella looked super cute in her ugly sweater and she couldn't wait to show her friends. Poor girlie was having a fever on and off that day so I let her take off:)
She had so much fun running around with her friends and they even set up karaoke so she LOVED that! And when Santa came she was so cute she came running to Doug and I to take us to him. We are so lucky to have such a nice ward family.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Daddy daughter date!

Doug and Bella went on a daddy daughter date last Saturday. They went to go watch "wreck it ralph" and them to chuck e cheese (Bella's favorite place in the world!) weever decided to dress up bella as venelope from the movie. It was so fun just getting her ready.
They came back all smiles and Bella just raved about how much fun she had. I love love love my family:) their dates just warm
My heart.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

kids make holidays so fun! The older Bella gets the more excited we get to celebrate with her. Bella has been looking forward to Halloween for MONTHS! She loves watching Halloween movies, anything with pumpkins and dressing up. This yet we didn't even have to tell her to say trick or treat when we got to the doors. She just knew and always said "thank you." Or "happy Halloween!" To the people that have her candy it was so cute!

We went with my sister and her family again this year but instead of going around her neighborhood we went to Harrison blvd. I herd it was fun and wanted to try and my sister an her husband were good sports and agreed to go there. When I got there it was WAY busier than I thought. I had no idea it was possible to be that crazy in Idaho. It was fun though and an experience. I probably won't go again but the company made it fun:) Olivia and Bella had so much fun and I can't get over how big and beautiful they are. Of course Jakey-boo was adorable too:)

After we were done trick or treating we went to my mother in laws house and Bella got to show off her costume to her grandparents and play with her cousin jarron. It was such a fun Halloween and I can't wait for next year! Hopefully we'll get to trick or treat in Idaho again.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Pictures Time!

It's that time of the year to get some family pictures done and we decided to make it all about Bella (like always:) and so we included Bella's favorite people, her grandparents. We went last Saturday and it was so fun! I asked my good friend Jammie to take them because I knew she'd do a wonderful job and that same day she put up some previews and I want to share:) Thank you so much Jammie!!

Boo at the Zoo

After family pictures on Saturday we went straight to boo at the zoo. We entered Bella in the costume contest and she did so good! I thought she'd be too shy to say anything or answer any questions but she wasn't. She told them her name and that she was a lady bug. She got to trick or treat a little and look at some animals but both Bella and I didn't last long. After almost 2 hours Bella and I decided we needed to go home and nap. We had a family dinner on the Simpson side too that night. It was fun and casual (my favorite kind.) Debbie ordered pizza and Doug and I got some cheesecake (yum!) and got to hang out with his brothers and sisters. Busy day but sure was fun!
i can't wait to move back home. Nights like these are what I miss the most. Just being able to be together.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I am awful at keeping good news to myself but almost 3 months ago Doug and I planned on visiting our families in Idaho for Halloween but we decided to surprise them! It was so hard to keep this BIG secret from them especially since I talk to my mom almost every day, but we kept the secret.
I'm so glad we did! The look on my moms face was priceless! On everyone's face actually. I loved seeing everyone, I loved hugging everyone, I loved watching everyone's face when they saw Bella for the first time in months but the part I loved the most about coming home was squeezing, kissing and just loving on my brand new nephew and my livers (Olivia.)
I'm so happy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us!

I have to admit last year For our anniversary Doug was just getting back to Iraq for R&R and we celebrated early so on the day of our anniversary I poor tired husband called me late that night and apologized for waiting so long to say "happy anniversary" and I just told him it was fine and I understood that he must have been so tired heehee. I told him the truth when he came back so this year I knew the pressure was on for me to remember!
Unfortunately Doug and I were apart for our anniversary again this year. He was in the field for training but I made sure that the first thing I said when he called was "happy anniversary!" And he replied with "aww you did remember!" It was a good laugh:) but the best part was when he surprised Bella and I by showing up unexpectedly showing up at the door with flowers for both Bella and I and a card! I'm pretty sure Bella was more excited about the flowers an the card but it was so sweet! Our cards both had money since we both like shopping but mostly because my husband was in the field for 2 weeks and didn't have time to get us something but like I said we like shopping so it was perfect for us! He took us out to lunch and then shopping.
Doug also surprised me by arranging a babysitter for our own date night. He was so thoughtful:) it was an amazing anniversary for the three of us and I'm excited for the many more to come! (Hopefully ill keep remembering:)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tie Dye Time.

One day out of no where Bella came up to me and said "mom i want to tie dye." So i thought why not? We picked out tie dye colors together and tie dyed. She is getting so big and i loved how she was really able to tie dye with me. We made shirts for a few of her friends and she loved giving them away. She was so proud of her shirts and wanted to wear her new tie dye shirt everyday. it was a successful day!

The only downside to all this fun was my hands. After you tie dye you have to let the shirts sit in the color for a few hours and after you are suppose to wash them and when i put the shirts in the wash i didn't think to put gloves back on so my hands ended up being dyed too. I tried to scrub the color of many times but the next day at church one of the 4 year old in my primary class asked me why hand were so dirty. my awesome husband also teaches with me and he only helped make sure that ALL the kids in our class teased me about my dirty hands. it was worth the fun with Bella at least:)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Perks of being a girl.

Bella and I went to go get a mommy and me mani and it was Wonderful! She loves picking her own color (with sparkles) and i love getting my nails done with my favorite girl.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!

This year is going by waaaay too fast. Probably because its been so fun. We had a very fun filled 4th of july and honestly having our family together makes every holiday so special. Last year doug was in Iraq for My birthday, mothers day, Bella's birthday, fathers day, the fourth of july, halloween, AND thanksgiving. Thats way too many holidays but i think it helped us feel more grateful for when we do get to spend these special days together.
This year the army threw an awesome carnival for FREE on post. All the rides were free and all we had to pay for was food and extra fun stuff we wanted. Bella is finally tall enough to ride some of the rides so that made it even more fun:) We hung out there pretty much all day and we stayed for the kelly Clarkson concert. It was so fun we brought lawn chairs and ended up running into some friends so bella got to shake her booty with one of her favorite friends Madaya and they even made friends while dancing. It really was such a fun day and night:) I love, love, love family time!

Bella on her first ride, how cute is this face? I wish we could all enjoy life as much as this little girl does:)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bella turns THREE!

Time sure flies. I cant believe my baby is THREE! this birthday really caught me by surprise. Poor Bella didn't even have many 3T clothes. I kept buying 2T because i didn't realize how quickly her birthday was coming up and she was growing out of everything! She has really changed so much in this past year. She can talk up a storm. forget 3-5 year sentences and hello full on conversations. She is OBSESSED with Halloween, swimming, the splash pad and her "best friends." she loves playing with kids now and i love watching her play:) she is also fully potty trained which is wonderful. She only has occasionally accidents at night but really not often. She still loves singing and dancing. She loves dressing up as a princess and goes around saying "I'm princess Bella." I love how she already knows she's a princess and wont let anyone change her mind.
Bella over the past three years, i love watching her grow:)

I caught her sleeping and it reminded me of the picture above:) I'm glad i take so many pictures!

Bella also had a super fun birthday party! We had been planning it for a while and i loved how it turned out but didn't love how i woke up that Saturday morning feeling miserable. Any who she had a carnival themed birthday and she's actually old enough to have friends over to invite. Our house and backyard was filled with kids and it was wonderful! I loved everyone who came and helped make her day extra special!

Bella's "best friend" Madaya was a must at her party! arnt they so cute!?

Cute circus girls!

Blowing out her Candle, she really loved every minute of her party this year!

I don't know who enjoyed opening presents more, Doug or Bella? This was actually Doug's FIRST birhtday with Bella. He was at Basic Training for her 1st, and for her 2nd birthday he was in Iraq. I loved how he was so excited to FINALLY celebrate with his favorite little girl.

We let Bella pick her cake and she loved that! Its not a birthday party without cake!

Bella is an only child and even though it was her party she needed a cheetoh alone break lol. Silly girl.

Morgan Getting her face painted, she's so cute!

After all of her guest left she insisted on putting on her new Belle Dress. She had so much fun and now she cant wait for her next birthday....she still has 365 days to go lol