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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Power of Friendship.

I never thought a common after school high school job would be the place where I'd meet such a wonderful person. My soul mate. My friend from before we where here on earth. My best friend Markie Elizabeth Clift. I was 8 months pregnant and it was her first day on the job. I was suppose to "train" her since i had been working there so long. We clicked immediately! of course her telling me i looked great and barely looked pregnant defiantly helped our friendship level. Our friendship started out casual, we'd work together occasionally and we'd always talk and laugh. What i liked the most about her was how she would really just look at me. never judge me and never think twice about what kind of person i was underneath my belly. I was in a very tender time in my life. Soon i left work for a few months on my maternity leave and when i came back to work markie was gone. i learned she had some oral surgery so she's be back soon. I remember her calling me one day asking me to work for her because she had some "i need to make an ex jealous" problem. She was so honest and out there it caught me by surprise but i think that's when we both realized we where closer than we thought. She came back to work and everyday we became closer and closer.

i was a new mother at the time like i said before and i was in DESPERATE need of a good friend. My life was no where near perfect and all i wanted was to be the mother my daughter deserved. Markie was there every day for me. She was always such a good listener, she helped me threw some of the hardest decisions i have ever had to make and i will forever be grateful for her.
Markie was also LDS and even though i was raised of goodly parents in the church i usually shunned LDS people. I for some reason wanted nothing to do with them. Especially being a single mother, i thought they would judge and ridicule me. Think i was less than them but markie NEVER made me feel that way. She never shoved her religion on me but she was always a great example. The way she dressed, the way she talked, the way you could tell in her voice that she loved and respected her family. I was completely envious of her. Don't get me wrong i am extremely close with my mom and she is also a great example but i had never met someone so young and so strong in her faith.
I ended up spending a lot of time with markie and her family. They invited me with open arms in to their home, baby and all. I also was afraid that her parents wouldn't want her to spend time with me, i didn't want them to think i was a bad example for their daughter. I was changing little by little but i knew i wasn't perfect and i thought i wouldn't want my own daughter to spend time with a girl like me. I thought very little of myself. Markie changed that though. She reminded me that i too was a daughter of God and that he wold always love me no matter what mistakes i made.
Finally one early morning life guarding the pool i asked markie if i could go to church with her next Sunday. She smiled and said yes. i warned her i would try and get out of it and what i might say and after i asked myself "did i really just give her all my excuses!?" when that Sunday came i still tried my excuses but markie knew better so i knew i was stuck. I went to church and of course received a few not so friendly remarks but i had markie by my side so i felt strong. I felt the spirit for the first time in a very long time! I kept going every Sunday and i felt like the more i went the better of a mom i became.
All markie was, was a great friend and a beautiful example to me. I owe her the world. She helped me become the mother i always wanted to be just by encouraging me to better myself. I ended up meeting a wonderful man, receiving my endowments, and getting sealed and married in the Boise temple. All with markie by my side. My daughter has the family she deserves and we will be together for time and all eternity.
She was a much needed and wonderful tool in heavenly fathers plan for me, and i am very proud, grateful, happy to call her my best friend.

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