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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

And what a truly happy thanksgiving it was! My parents who have helped me with Bella since day one missed her like crazy! We used thanksgiving as a great excuse to get together. Bella recognized them immediately but wasn't sure from where exactly. She just knew she loved them and only wanted them the whole time they where here. She was so snugly with them giving them both equal amount of kisses and luvs and honestly that's all Doug and i wanted for thanksgiving<3

However i was also thankful for a successful and delicious first thanksgiving meal! My turkey was amazing, i was so surprised. The only thing i managed to mess up was the pre-made gravy which i got at Sam's Club. I only had to put it in the fridge and then heat it up but of course we unloaded the grocery's i forgot. Doug was grateful for it though because then we where forced to make homemade gravy and that turned delicious too! The 5 of us gathered together in my little kitchen and gobbled up! I felt so fortunate to have my family and parents here together. After dinner we watched grown ups and finished the night at B.L.O.R.A where they had beautiful lights! Everyone loved it! Truly the best thanksgiving ever!

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