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Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Ol' Texas!

So Bella and I are finally back home and starting to get back in our routine. Its been pretty busy day, i cleaned and did laundry pretty much all day, made some pot roast for dinner and then I took Bella to dairy queen for french fries and ice cream! She was sooo excited it was adorable:) she kept saying YUMMM after every bite. She really is adorable. We came home i gave her a much needed bath, read her a book and put her to sleep. It's been nice being home. she loves all her toys, its like they are brand new to her again. Routine is wonderful!!

Look at how much she's grown! These are size 2T, my mom got these p.j's for Christmas (3 weeks ago) and they where swallowing her and now they almost fit her! crazy she has grown so much in such a short time. They are still a little big on her but not compared to 3 weeks baby is getting so big:(

but just to catch up on some of her recent achievements!
she now says TONS of words and copies everything you say (at least really tries) and she can mix 2-3 words together to make her own little sentences its super cute! so she says things like
"mas please"
"mom please"
"hi mom (dada)"
"bye, muah!"
"no buck!"
she can also say grandma now and grandpa
she runs everywhere
she points to what she wants
she loves food! her favorites are still chocolate but she is expanding more to her food selection so its easier to get her to eat healthier foods.
she knows what besos are and gives me plenty of them!
she can follow instructions now for example she pulled down all her DVDs again and i told her to put every single one back and she did! a little messier but still she understood the concept.
Also i say sientate (sit down) and she does.
lets go and she follows.

some of the silly things she's starting to do now is she pulls her diaper off every chance she gets that darn kid! This morning i went to get her from her crib and her diaper was completely off! or last night she was walking around the house pulling it off. I'm not sure why she does it, maybe because she can so its fun and new but its so funny. i might start duck taping her diapers on lol.

All in all she's growing like a leaf and she's still such a fun little girl. I cant believe how much she has grown but i love love love that she knows that I'm her momma and that she loves me so much. She needs me so much, whether its playing, cuddling, or just kissing her. She loves me and i love her<3

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