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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Olivia at my moms Halloween party

Bella headed to Boo at the Zoo!

waiting in line to pay to get in sitting next to her grandpoo

She's too cool for words!

lol bella is crazy and just started rolling in the hay.

Bella with her "punzel wig"

They ddnt stand there too long so all i got was a blurry picture. oh well.


Jarron was  a Pirate!

Bella enjoying cookies at her Tia's house:)

It's safe to say this was our funnest Halloween yet. It would have been a lot more fun if Doug was here obviously. He's amazing when it comes to holidays. He obviously helps me out so much before we go out. Also he brings different new traditions too. I really missed him this year but at the same time it made me so grateful that we decided to move back home. My family helps out so much and it makes celebrating holidays so much easier. Any who...

This year for Halloween we did soo many activities. We went to my moms ward Halloween party with Olivia earlier that week and on the Saturday before we got up bright and early to go to boo at the zoo and it was so fun! Olivia and Bella entered the costume contest, they walked all over the zoo in their adorable costumes. Olivia was a lady bug, and Bella was Rapunzel (and a princess half the time). My parents went with us too. Later that night even though we where all exhausted we went trunk or treating in my mother in laws ward which was such a Blast! There was sooo many cars and families there. It was such a blast. I let Grandma and Grandpa Simpson take Bella around all the cars while i handed out candy which to me was just as fun. Both Girls learned how to say Trick or Treat and thank you after (Bella said "candy please." half the time though haha). And finally on Halloween I took Bella trick or treating in my sisters neighborhood with my sister and her family. The girls had such a good time, and Bella finally wore her wig! They where exhausted after an hour of walking and running to each house and where so funny. Olivia really just slowed down here pace and Bella gave up wanting to walk asked for a piece of candy lol. They re faces really said it all. We got back to my sisters house where she gave Bella a very thoughtful goodie bag and made us hot chocolate! Even though we where tired we promised to go to Bella's great grandparents so we hurried on over (what a lucky girl to not just have two amazing sets of grandparents but also amazing GREAT grandparents!) We had so much fun over there too, and they really loved Bella's and Jorons (my nephew) costumes. Family is what makes holidays so special. Bella is lucky to have so many cousins her age. We missed having our own personal Flynn Rider (daddy) around but it only makes me more excited for many more Halloweens to come.

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