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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My growing girl.

Bella is just a growing little bee these days. she says 3-4 word sentences and can hold a conversation with you. She knows the color pink, yellow, purple, black, blue, green, white but has trouble with red. she counts to 17 and some of her ABC's. she can jump with both feet and land on both feet. She does somersaults, rolls on her side, and can balance on the balance beam by herself! she knows how to jump on the trampoline. She can drink out of a regular cup but tends to spill a bit. She sleeps in a toddler bed now. She's really good at talking on the phone. She can put her pants, shirt, socks, even gloves on by herself and some shoes. She can name almost everyone she's ever played with. She also reminds me to pray before we eat dinner and before bed. she fold her arms and says "heavenly father, thanks for day..." and then waits for me to add in (smile).
Some of my favorite sentences that she says are, "Mom, i NEED that..."
"No Chicka i princess! (or Bella, or mommy, whoever she wishes to be at that moment.)"
or my absolute favorite she'll come up to me wherever i am force herself on me and hug me and say "i love you, love you more, i love you" over and over again:)
She talks a lot and getting smarter every day! I love love LOVE watching her learn and grow. Being a mom is my calling in life<3

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