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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

This year I finally cracked down and gave myself some much needed goals! Every year im too scared to set goals for myself but i finally did. These are a few of my goals in no paticular order.

1. Be patient with Bella ALWAYS! i know this is not possible but ive gotten so much better at not being angry and just calmly talking to her when shes in trouble. Im still stern but patient and again calm and she listens so much better. I feel like a btter mother already.

2. Be a more loving and thoughtful wife. I have been blessed with a very adoring husband. He is always bringing home cute suprises, sending me sweet text messages and just overal very loving. I am not as awesome as him and for a while i struggled with making my marriage as big of a priority as being a mother but now i realized its just as important! so watch out doug cute notes and thoughts are going your way! haha

3. cooking dinner more often. And i have! ive learned so many recipies off pinterest and cooking has been a lot more fun. I have been very proud of myself and i feel like my family is eating better because we dont go out to eat junk as often.

4. Be more organized and clean. So far so good. ive been pretty proud of myself. my biggest struggle is still laundry but were getting better and so far its only february so i have 10 more months to master it.

5. Pray with my husband every night.

6. Go to Church every sunday.

7. Workout out 5 days a week and eat more veggies.

8. Go back to School.

9. Make Family Home Evening a priority.

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