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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amazing news!

I don't even know where to begin. Okay so I was taking clomid go help my body ovulate and to check if it was working I had a blood test taken on the 15th. My doctor called me later that day and told me that I did ovulate and I was so happy! I told myself even if I didn't get pregnant and just ovulated that was half the battle an I'd be just as happy. So then I had to go in a week later to the labs to take a pregnancy test. I was so nervous yesterday and I couldn't decide whether or not I should take a test at home before or not... I decided to take one at home because I honestly didn't think that I'd be lucky enough to get pregnant on my first round of clomid. I took it at 3am lol I had to pee anyway so I figured why not? And it came our positive! I have been taking these test for over a year always getting negative results so I stared at it for like 5 min to make sure I wasn't looking at it wrong (I have done that before.) I couldn't believe it. It was the most beautiful bright blue lines I have ever seen! I debated waking up Doug or not and I almost didn't since it was 3am but I decided I didn't care and he thought I was tricking him and was so happy too!
Obviously I couldn't fall back asleep because I was so excited! I wanted to tell everyone and I mean everyone but half if me still can't believe that I am actually pregnant! I am so excited for so many things. I am excited to experience this with Doug. I'm excited for whatever Bella says. I'm excited to buy pregnancy clothes. I'm excited to continue eating healthy. The list goes on. So far I've told my sisters, Doug's sisters and a few friends here but were waiting till Mother's Day to tell Doug's mom which is a week and a half away and my mom when she comes visit in 4 weeks! Not telling my mom is going to be so hard but I think waiting till she's here will be so worth it!


  1. I'm so very happy for you and the family!! So excited to see your belly grow and meet the new Simpson addition!! :) Quick question how do I become one of your followers?? You don't have google connect on email is if you need to send me an invite. ;)

    1. Ill have to get on my computer and try to figure it out:) sorry I don't get on here enough and I didn't realize I had comments lol