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Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July weekend!

Our 4th of July was so fun! It's one of our favorite holidays because we get to celebrate our freedom by spending it with our family:) 
We started our day by going to a parade with our friends the webbs. Bella loved the parade and i was very pleased that it wasn't a super hot day. 

Our pretty girlie<3

Bella and Morgan waiting for the parade to start.

And of course when the parade started she ran straight to her daddy to watch from his shoulders:)

After the parade and lunch we went and watched despicable me 2 AND monsters inc (we couldn't decide) and they were both so cute! It was nice to spend some time relaxing and celebrating inside with some AC. 
After our movies we relaxed at home and then headed out to watch the fireworks! Bella and Doug literally "ohhh and ahh'd."  The entire time it was so cute! 

The next day we woke up bright an early and drove to San Antonio to spend the day at Sea World! Again this wasn't a super hot week so I am soooo glad we went this week. Bella loved the rides and all three of us loved all the fun shows they had. My absolutely favorite part of the day was the firework show at night. We were exhausted by then but it really was worth it to stay. It was by far the best firework show I've ever seen with amazing music and it felt great to just snuggle with my family and watch such an amazing show up so close. 

Bella cooling off halfway thru the day. 

She's so silly always stealing her dads hats. This was after the one ocean show.

During the "Elmo rocks!" Show. We got great seats and Bella LOVED it! She was so cute.

Trying to touch Elmo lol. She was such a little fan haha

Bella and I were allowed to ride the same rides but at least we had fun :)

They also had a "block party" where all the sesame cast members came out and everyone got to dance with all the characters and if you know Bella she LOVED this part. I'm pretty sure it was her favorite part of the day. She danced an hour straight with all her favorite characters. I didn't get to take great pictures because there was so many people around. I actually did get scared a few times because someone would walk I front of me and Bella would go to another character and id loose her for 5 sec. It wasn't long but since it was so crowded it was the longest 5 seconds ever! I don't like big crowds and Bella. It really was fun dancing with her though. 

Snuggling and watching the best firework show ever!

I love these two soooo much!

I wish I got some better pictures of the fireworks but I was too busy enjoying them :) 
I hope everyone's 4th of July was as awesome as ours! I love family weekends.

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