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Friday, October 18, 2013

Our sealing day!

I cannot believe that we were finally able to get sealed to our beautiful baby girl! Words cannot express how eternally grateful I am.
The day before our sealing I played "I love to see the temple" and hearing Bella sing along made my heart swell and I could help but tear up. 
Bella knows the temple is very special, and we told her we need to be reverent inside. We also talked about feeling the spirit (like a warm blanket) and she was so cute walking reverently inside. If you've met Bella you know she is just a ball of energy but inside and during our sealing she was so calm and reverent. I am a proud mom :) 
And of course the second we were out she was CRAZY! Seriously ball of energy X2! My friend Jammie took some pictures for us (thank you!!!) and she was being so  silly. I'm happy that she was reverent inside the temple and crazy outside the temple though. And she was like this the rest if the night! I think she was just happy. I know I am and that Doug is. I am grateful that families are forever and I kept thinking while inside the temple was about how Doug's and I job is provide Bella and Charlie with the tools to live with Heavenly Father again. I kept thinking of both my girls and how I honestly hope Bella realized how special and important that day was. How Doug and I have worked so hard on ourselves to be the best examples we can to them. I know telling them to love the gospel isn't enough but showing them is. I know telling them we love going to church isn't enough but showing them how much we truly enjoy going. I don't know how many times I've been asked if I still go or if I enjoy going for that long every Sunday and the truth is I'm an adult. If I didn't I wouldn't go. And the same goes to Doug. I think sometimes people forget that we have agency to choose and we choose to go. I know if we keep this up so will our girls. 
I can't wait to go back to the temple with Bella. I know I'll have to remind her of the blessing she'll receive if she keeps the commandments and I'll remind her of this day and how it truly is worth the hard work. 

I saw this picture today and it reminded me of my life and how my success is my journey to the temple. 
My journey was a mess but I'm making it and bringing my family with me :) 

This one is one of my favorites! I think I'll hang it on my wall :) 

Doesn't Bella just look so happy and proud!?

Also a BIG thank you to my friend Jammie for taking pictures of our special day. I'm happy I'll have these forever! 

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