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Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween morning was great! Bella was so excited to trick or treat and I was excited for all the fun activities that night. I was especially excited to celebrate with Doug, Bella and my sister and her kiddos! 
We planned on going trunk or treating at our new ward. I made plenty if soup. I also made Carmel apples, cake pops, and chocolate covered pretzels for my nieces and nephews and in case you didn't know I'm usually always running late but I was so proud of myself because I wasn't at all this time. Bella had even agreed to take a nap so I had an hour to myself in my kitchen baking which I enjoyed! 
At 4:40 Doug texted me to tell me he was headed home and I thought "perfect!  He'll have plenty if time to shower and get ready without being rushed." Just as I was putting the kiddos goody bags together I got a call from Doug to come get him because he got in an accident but he was fine. I put Bella's shoes on, her sweater on backwards and we went and got him! Luckily he didn't have a scratch on him (thank goodness!) but his car wasn't so lucky:/ poor guy. 
Can you believe Doug kept apologizing for making us late? I had to tell him to stop because I was just happy he was okay. I can't handle anything happening to this guy. Like I said he was lucky, everyone was fine and he just finished filing his police report and asked the owner if the property if he could pick up his car later. I thought it was really nice of the owner to tell Doug to not worry about the car tonight and to take his little girl trick or treating because that's more important and the car could wait. I should take him cookies or something for being so awesome. 
We missed trunk or treating (anyone want soup?) and ended up just meeting up my sister and parents to go trick or treating. Doug and I were pretty bummed at first (he was still a little shaken up) but I'm glad we didn't let it ruin our evening. I'm not gonna lie being around family and especially those little cuties really helped. My nephew Jacob kept wanting me to hold him which I loved! I love that I'm not a stranger to him anymore and that he really knows I love him but poor little guy it's starting to hurt when I walk to much especially when carrying him so I couldn't hold him too long:/. Luckily uncle Doug was able to play with him too:) 
Olivia and Bella are pro's at trick or treating now. They really are so cute! My dang parents kept hogging them and taking them up to the doors though lol. My mom even admitted it today and said she had so much fun with them so she didn't even feel bad lol. I don't really mind. I love how much they are loved. 
After we went around the neighborhood we went to Doug's parents house so Bella could trick if treat there. Bella loves going to their house too! Debbie gave us some really cute goodies too. They were little haunted houses filled with candy. We got there at the same time as Doug's brother and his family so Bella was happy that she was able to play with her cousin jarron too. 
We left a little after 9:30 because Doug and I skipped dinner and by then we were starving and exhausted. I was extra starving and Doug was extra exhausted. Bella was too. When we got home we had a quick bite and put Bella to bed. She's been doing really well with staying in her bed (took her a while to re-adjust after our move) but she came in twice and said she was scared. Poor girl is just like me and gets scared pretty easy. She said she already prayed and she was still scared so Doug and I prayed with her again and put bailey (our dog) in her room with her and Bella was happy with that. We didn't do anything scary but when she saw people with scary costumes id have to tell her "remember it's just a costume." But she'd still hold on to my hand extra tight. We don't like scary things. 
I'm so glad our night ended up fun still. We love love love celebrating holidays together and especially with our families. I'm excited that Halloween kicks off the holidays and before we know it we'll be celebrating thanksgiving, (my favorite holiday!) Christmas, and then Charlie will be here! And the best part is we get to celebrate with family and we live here so when we get tired from all the running around we can come home and relax :) 
Just such a happy time. 

Bella dresses up as dynamight the lalaloopsy. She looked so cute in her costume! 

I dressed Charlie up as a mummy :) so fun. 
Bella and jarron last weekend at Debbie's trunk or treat. At least we got to go to one :)

Bella is so lucky to have two awesome sets of grandparents. I love this picture! 

The joyners

Kiddos trick or treating. Theyre so stinkin  cute! 
Bella thought it was so cool that her Tia dresses up as a cat. 
My parents and jakey boo:)
I thought I'd share this cute minion who will be 5 soon! What!? Sure miss him:)

And my isst bissy! Seriously I can't believe how big she's getting. We didn't get to celebrate with these two but hopefully we get to see them soon. Love you chopkos! 

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