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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Best Sunday.

Oh man this week was hard on my heart. My little Charlie was born with a hemangioma on her lady bits and normally they aren't a big deal just a red birth mark that go away on their own but hers opened up and so every time she peed or pooped she'd scream in pain:( I took her to the ER when I realized it opened and of course it was 9:30pm when Doug wasn't home. Luckily his work is awesome and let him get off early  to be with his baby. They gave us some antibiotics and told us to see the dermatologist ASAP. Bella was sweet on our way there though. Charlie was crying and Bella handed her her violet (stuffed animal) and turned on the nighttime lullaby and said "it's okay Charlie. They're going to make you feel better." 
And the next day Bella thanked me for feeding her and taking care of Charlie. 
Anyway the next day we took her to the dermatologist who said she wants to start her on Propranolol which is a medicine they usually use on older people who have high blood pressure and when she starts it they'll have to monitor her at the hospital for 3-4 hours and then every three weeks. The Propranolol is suppose to make the hemangioma shrink. Ugh I just hate the idea of my baby in the hospital and every time she shrieks because she's in pain breaks my heart. So far the two ointments they gave us have been helping and she doesn't cry as hard when she goes potty. I wish I could take the pain away. I'm a pretty tough person I believe. I can handle a lot but when it comes to my babies I'm mush and need Doug and to pray a lot. I am grateful though that I could ask him to give us a blessing. 
So after a hard week Saturday came bright and early! Bella had her soccer game at 9am and she was crazy as always. Would play for 2 min then come talk to her Grammy and hug her grandpoo and ask him to buy her popcorn. She's silly. 
Hilarious picture of Bella taking a "selfie" with her soccer buddy. Bella found my old camera this week and has LOVED it! 

Then we went to the kids fair in Boise and that was a lot of fun. Charlie and I got to really use our moby wrap and Charlie LOVED it! She slept so good while she was in it. I think Bella's favorite part of the day was going to a Mexican restaurant (with her aunt becki) to eat because she has asked us every day since if we can go was super yummy :) 

So Sunday Doug and I got up with ugly attitudes because we had a meeting with the bishop at 9:30 and we go to church at 1. We were pretty certain we were going to get callings and what do you know...say hello to middleton 9th ward ctr 4 teachers. Again! Doug and I thought it was pretty funny that they picked us again to teach the 4 year olds especially since they didn't know that was our calling before. We must be really good at it :) I'm super excited! I love going to relief society but I loved teaching before too, especially with Doug. 

Since we were ready hours before church we were really able to relax and enjoy each other. We honestly were all in great moods by the time church started. As always we had amazing talks and lessons and I was able to meet more people which is always nice. Me we got home the day was still so nice we hurried and are dinner so we could go outside. Bella rode her bike and scooter. I put Charlie in the moby again which she again loved! She looked around for a while then passed out. The give if us (including the bailey) walked to the park where Doug got baileys frisbee stuck in a tree and on top of the baseball pit. He also got Bella's doll stuck in a tree...he's awesome. So Bella had to help him (she is so brave!) 
(In the tree)
Bella helping Doug while I was super worried. Being up there didn't phase Bella at all! Doug was so proud of his brave girl he told me to take a picture...only reason I did. 
My Charlie girl enjoying being outside! 

Seriously yesterday was great! Church was great, exactly what I needed. And I was able to truly enjoy my family. I missed being outside so much. When I was pregnant I didn't really want to go on walks because my body hurt and then it was too cold to take Charlie outside so I stayed inside with her so this felt like a treat. Best way to end a crazy week. 

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