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Monday, October 27, 2014

Paint and Sip, The Fall show, Pumpkin Carving and the Primary Program!

I had one of the best weekends! Friday was Blanca's birthday and we celebrated by going to paint and sip. It was something new and so much fun!

The finished product. It was fun to see how different everyone's turned out. I'm glad I was able to do this with my sisters and mom. I think it would be super fun as a date night too! 

Saturday came and I made French toast and bacon for breakfast. Everyone loved it and I loved having breakfast with my family. We got ready and went to the fall show in Boise. It was suppose to be crafts and help give you ideas on how to decorate your home but it was really just a bunch of vendors. I was kinda disappointed. I only saw two crafters. I say kinda disappointed because I did expect for it to be 50% vendors but it was still a fun family event. 

After we went home, carved/drilled pumpkins & cooked the seeds. They were alright. Doug loved drilling the pumpkin. He hates carving them because he gets impatient and he said that's his new job every year! 

Bella surprised me with how helpful she actually was at carving and how long she actually helped. Usually it's for 5 minutes and then she's done. She stayed the entire time!

Charlie loved it because we put her in the high chair and gave her baby snacks the entire time. You want to win my babies heart? Give her food. 

Our two pumpkins! I think they turned out pretty good. I'll admit they look better without the flash. 
After pumpkin carving we went to our stake's Harvest Fest. They had face painting, a punk in contest, food, dancing and a hay ride somewhere. We did it all besides the hay ride and it was actually a lot of fun! I didn't know a lot of people there and the people I did know had already seen my dance moves so when Bella wanted to dance we danced! It was so fun! 

They had the party outside,  it was pretty dark and Bella randomly asked us to run into the field and look at the stars and we were having such a good time I decided "why not?" We ran out there giggling and laid down on the grass and stared at the stars. Doug and charlie joined us and Bella said she saw a shooting star so she closed her eyes for a minute and then said she made a wish. Then she whispered in my ear that she had wished
She could be a princess, that she could eat cotton candy every day, that candy was healthy, and that she could get her drivers license without having to take lessons. It was so incredibly melt your heart precious! One of those moments you day dream about when your pregnant with your little baby. One of those moments that I will hold onto and treasure forever! In other words, yes I cried. 

Anyway we went back to the party and danced some more. It was SUCH a fun family day. 

Our weekend ended on Sunday which was also great! Our ward had its primary program and the kids are too cute! They asked our class what made their family special and Bella said "my mom and dad made a very cute baby, I love my baby sister." And she does. They ended it with my favorite hymn " I stand all amazed." And again I got teary eyed. 

I loved my weekend and I was sad it went by so quickly. They always seem to. 

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