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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Isaiah's Graduation and The Pool!

     This handsome graduated from kindergarten and he was as cute as can be! Everytind he herd us cheer for him you could see how proud of himself he was. Good job Isaiah! 

     We went to ihop after to help celebrate his special day and I snapped this sweet moment. 

     Blanca invited us over to swim in their new pool and Bella couldn't get in soon enough! This girl is a fish. Then we put Charlie in since it's not very deep. We were watching her smile and walk (she loves water too) and then she slipped and went under. I hurried and bend over the side to pull her out and I slipped inside the pool and held her above the water for Blanca to grab. She wasn't under long at all and she was totally fine but she did not want to get back in for a while. After we all calmed down Blanca and I couldn't stop laughing because I was completely drenched in my jeans and blouse. But hey it was hot outside so at least it felt good:)

     Charlie didn't want anything to do with the pool for a while even with me holding her but slowly she found her way back to it and wanting to get back in. 

     I knew I couldn't let her leave the pool with a bad experience so I'm so happy she went back in and had fun! 

     It was such a fun day with the cousins! Even if I unexpectedly went swimming in my clothes:) 

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