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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sad Baby Bella

Our poor little love bug was so fussy all day yesterday and Doug and I just thought it was because she skipped her nap but to our surprise last night she woke up crying and since she never does that i checked up on her and she had a fever:( poor baby. Doug and I let her snoozy with us and she'd wake up off and on was trembling and then finally at 5:30(ish) am she threw up on the bed, pillow, me (probably TMI) and Doug and i  just looked at each other and knew it was doctor time. I cleaned her up, he cleaned the bed and we headed to the E.R.

We didn't wait to crazy long, they gave Bella Some medicine to help with the nausea and her fever. We ended up coming back home finally around 10am and we all feel asleep. Poor Bella was so weak last night she had a hard time even walking. She finally woke up at 2pm so she finally slept for a while and everyone around here was groggy all day but when Bella woke up she was feeling better and that made us all happy. She was just tired and wanted to cuddle which was just fine with me:) baby needed to rest.

Just another Friday night right? not...Fort Hood does this thing called "time out for parents" every forth Friday of the month which was today and Doug and i where signed up...we have been waiting for a month to finally go on a date since we don't go on many here but we knew we really couldn't. Oh well...Doug got pizza and ice cream and we are having a date in now:)  Oh the life of a parent lol.

1 comment:

  1. Bummer about your date! You made the best of it. It's what counts. Hope Bell's feels better soon. For sleeps sake! :)