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Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Have The Best Kid In The World!

I am sorry to all you other parents out there because somehow we ended up with the BEST kid in the whole world! She's not only adorablee, but she's loving, smart, independentt, and brave. I know all parents out there think they have the best kid ever and I'm glad...we are biased because we love them so much!

Adorable is self explanatory when you look at her. Her loving-ness is precious. She loves giving besos to Doug and I. She'll just grab our faces and lay on a nice big sloppy kiss! or a hundred. Also she loves to cuddle up when she first wakes up, or right before her naps/bedtime. Or any random time she feels like giving us loves she does and i defiantly don't mind:)

Smart: I know everyone thinks their babies are super smart and i am one of those parents! She knows how sign: Please, all done, mas, food, and eat! And she has great manners, before she gets anything she says and signs please and when she gets it she says "thanks!"

At 22 months she can say:
monkey and make a monkey noise (oohohh aahahh), rawr like a tiger, thanks, awww (when she sees something cute happen), cute, pretty, nice, snack, wiggles, dance, kikki, juice, love you, book, OPA!, shoes...

some of her sentences are:
i go
i cute
monkey please
so cute!

She can also count to 3 and she repeats her ABC's after me.

When we go to stores she'll touch clothes and say "oooooohhh cute!" or pretty. She's girly and funny like that.

Independent: I never thought i would say my one year old is independent but she is in certain aspects. I first really noticed when we went to Galveston for the first time. We where on the beach and i know my little girl loves water but we couldn't push her to do so, she had to stand at the sand and then go in by her self which brings in how brave she is. She concurred her fearr of the different water that was in front of her. Not only did she go in at her own time but she just kept going in further and further but only at a safe distance.

She loves watching and dancing with her wiggles, she loves singing with me, reading book by herself but mostly with Doug and I of course, cuddling of course, PLAYING OUTSIDE, getting ready with her mom (playing with make-up brushes), playing with dollies and playing tea, and just chatting.

She talks and talks and talks, who knows what she really says but she can hold a conversation. She's just getting so big and every day she just seems to get smarter and smarter. Doug and I are just amazed of how silly, and funny she is.  We defiantly love watching her grow!


  1. I love that cowgirl! She is super girly (like her mamma)and very smart! I am glad that her and Olivia will be able to really play together soon.

  2. Cute Cowboy Boots! She is all those things...We are proud of her! Just think, if she is this smart now at 1, how will she be in a few years. Crazy.

  3. i know, i cant believe im lucky enough to have such a SMART girly. but im not surprised seeing as how smart my nieces and nephew are :)

    she realy is a girly girl and i love it:)