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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bella lied:(

My perfect little angle got caught in a big ol lie. Sure she's lied before (kinda) but as soon as we asked if she did it shed admit to it right away. This time she planned it, did it, and when we asked she kept on going with her story. It sounds silly but it made me sad that she knowingly was lying. It took us about 30 min to get the truth out of her.
It really was a silly lie too, she chewed off the nose to her stuffed panda and told us  bailey our dog chewed her panda. I went to scowl bailey and she didn't flinch, cower or anything though she just looked at me with her tongue out and usually she cowers and goes to her kennel so I knew for sure she didn't do it. When I told Bella she insisted she didn't do it and I told her if it was an accident to just tell me the truth and I wouldn't be upset and she wouldn't get in trouble. She wouldn't budge on her lie. Then she said her "oso" did it. And then a witch. Finally Doug and I broke her down by telling her since bailey and oso broke her panda that they couldn't live with us anymore. Doug put bailey outside and hid the bear and finally Bella cried and said she wanted her dog and that she did it. 
I felt so happy when she finally admitted to it and told the truth. We had a long talk with her and made her apologize to bailey and oso for trying to get them in trouble. 
Bella is growing and is so smart. I love how smart she is but I really don't want her to learn bad habits. I want her to be able to tell us the truth especially when it's hard and to know that we will always love her no matter what she does. I must be extra sensitive and I know a little lie seems silly to be so upset about but I know a little lie can always turn into a lot of little lies and then a lot of big lies. Especially in the world we live in I feel pressured to really make sure she believes and wants to follow the standards we teach her. When we prayed at night I made sure we thanked our Heavenly Father for helping us learn not to lie and I really feel like she learned her lesson. 

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