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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A few summer pictures.

I'm a slacker with blogging lol. I know it, I'm working on it:)
Anywho summer has begin and so have our fun summer activities! I decided to share a few of the pictures I've taken. Bella and I have a little weekday schedule with our playgroup from our ward which is so fun! its movies on Mondays (the theaters show kid movies for $1 a person during the summer,) Tuesdays we swim at our friends pool, Wednesdays we go to the libraries story time activity, Thursdays is the splash pad and Friday is our sleep in, clean and relax day. When Doug gets home from work we sometimes go swimming, go on a walk or just hang out together. It's been a super fun summer so far. Bella has loved how much fun we have with her friends all week long. Here are some summer pictures. Enjoy :) 

Making "pizza" at the USO story time. 

At the dog park with bailey.

LOTS of swimming<3

The library's "splash party." So fun! 

Another story time pool party with friends and pizza! Fun family time. 

And finally our water balloon fight! This was so fun and of course I didn't get pictures because we were having to much fun. When we ran out of balloons Doug taught Bella to fill up this blue bowl and try to dump it on me lol. 

Those are a few of our summer activities we have done so far :) I really am going to stop slacking and blog more. Especially since we only have 6 weeks left here in Texas. Yes I'm sad, I honestly love all of our awesome friends that we've made here and it makes it hard to leave them. 

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