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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's my birthday I can do what I want!

When I was pregnant and I pictured playing with my little girl I thought of a baby and a 5 year old. It sounds wierd but I just imagined playing with my five year old, her going to school for the first time, riding her bike and now that time is here. I've never really cried over Bella getting older until now. Seriously I'm crazy I cried not once, not twice bit FOUR times! I just can't believe how fast these last 5 years have gone and I'm a little scared of how fast the next 5 will go. 
Anyway so this year I was really hoping her birthday would be special. Doug and I got her a bike and I was sooo excited to see her face when she saw her brand new bike for the first time. Bella did not disappoint. Her jaw literally dropped when she first saw it and begged us to go ride it! We made her wait until after breakfast (mostly so we could wake up a little and not scare the neighbors with my morning face) but she didn't mind since Doug got her donuts for breakfast! We stuck a candle in it and sang to her. So after our nutritious breakfast we went on a bike ride and I have been looking forward to this bike ride since we bought the bike. Unfortunately Bella whined halfway thru that we were going to fast, there was too many cars, it was hot, the list goes on. Finally we made it home and her neighbor friends rode with us for a minute when my little monster started saying "it's my birthday I can do what I want" as she tried riding into the road. Doug grabbed her and corrected her But then after her saying it to Doug and back talking we had to take her inside for a time out and a stern talking to. I won't drag on the entire day but I was so excited to take her to her favorite lunch spot, a movie maybe, the park and we had to leave the park as soon as we got there because of the terrible fit she thru. Seriously one of the worst ones ever. We didn't even make it to the movie. Finally in the evening after dinner and some much needed quiet time for all if us I decided to try and redeem her birthday. Her neighbor friends that she loves came and played and she was happy. Then i walked to the park with Charlie while Bella rode her bike. She had a lot of fun and was really good! She saw a lot of her friends from church which was nice. When we came home she rode her bike around the house for about twenty min and instead of putting her to bed right at 8 I made popcorn put on a movie and let her start watching while I put Charlie to bed. Bella and I finished the movie and cuddled. I think we both needed the cuddle time. 
I feel like the meanest mom for putting Bella in time out so much today. Especially since now it's a five minute time out instead if four. I was so looking forward to having a great fun day but Bella wanted to keep me on my toes apparently lol. I asked her before bed if she had a good birthday and she said yes, and she was sorry for being naughty.  I'm glad she still enjoyed it. 
At the end of the day I still am very grateful for my little sour patch kid:) 

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