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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Promptings and blessings.

When we moved to Idaho we had two choices. 1. Live with our parents for a while and buy a house or 2. Live in the house Doug bought before we got married. #2 may seem obvious but the house Doug bought was old and a little bit on the smaller size especially to what were used to. We decided that even though we do love our parents we would probably love them more a few miles away from them lol. 
The first time I came to our house I almost cried. We have had 3 different renters living in it in the past three years and they really made it gross. The carpets were disgusting especially my future babies room. I thought "how in the world am I suppose to let my baby sleep in here!?" I wanted to call and yell at Doug. Seriously I didn't even want Bella to sit on the floor. I didn't know what to do so I did what I always do when I don't know what to do. I prayed. A lot! 
The next couple of days I humbled myself. A house is a house and I am not better than this one. Who am I to think I am above living here right? Especially since this was Doug's grandmas house. There are a few times in my life where I have felt like Heavenly Father is truly talking to me. I have to listen so carefully but I prayed so hard for comfort, for guidness seriously just anything and this is one of the few times I knew he said to me "this house will be a HUGE blessing to you." That was a huge turning point for me. A few days later Doug came and my mom and I had already started cleaning it and even though I cleaned the bathroom like I've never cleaned before (I scrubbed walls and ceilings!) he even said "i would feel bad giving Bella a bath in here." So we gutted it. New floors, vanity, closet thing, toilet, everything and it looked a million times better! I felt a million times better. Then my awesome dad took out the carpet in the kitchen and put new floors. I felt even better. And finally Doug took out the carpet in Charlie's room AND the padding underneath (it was soo filled with pet poo/pee that Even doug wanted to throw up) and put in new flooring. Nothing fancy but my baby could sleep in there. I was happy! We cleaned the carpets in the rest of the house moved everything in and called this place home. 
A few weeks later i hosted my sister in laws baby shower and Doug's aunts came. They knew this house from when Doug's grandparents lived here and they said something that made this house amazing in my eyes. They said that Doug's grandpa built this house for his grandma. That he wanted to make sure it was sturdy and she would be able to live here after he was gone. My little house was built with a lot of love and i now understood why after every little fixture doug said "my grandpa would be proud that I'm fixing this!" 
Okay so fast forward 8 months and I now know why this house is such a big blessing. It's small so 1.the mortgage is small. 2. We just paid it off. What!? Doug and I decided to try our hardest to be debt free ASAP and we paid off our house June 5, 2014! I'm 24 and Doug is 27 and we OWN our home! It feels amazing! I have to say Doug has been trying to get me on board for a while but I just didn't understand. He finally got me to start reading Dave Ramsey: the total money makeover and ever since then we have worked together to make this work! I'm sooo incredibly proud of my husband. He's seriously my hero and I wish I listened to him sooner! Doug has always been so worried about providing enough for our family and he works like crazy! Seriously I've never met anyone who works harder then him. I constantly have to remind him that he is doing enough and that we are more than happy! Now I have proof because in 6 months (we started at the end of January) we were able to pay off our house with me still being a stay at home mom and a new baby! So if you see him tell him he's awesome :) 

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