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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A good day.

I haven't felt like the best mom ever lately. I haven't felt like I've been enjoying my children like I should. Today was not one of those days and because of that I don't want to forget it.
Today wasn't anything special. I got both girls ready and Bella and I were having such a good time talking and getting her ready that we were almost late for school.
I was even able to squeeze a nice nap in which I think is half the reason to our great day because I honestly felt like a new woman when I woke up! I got out the door and Headed to Costco. The only two things I really needed from there was diapers And gas which i did both but since we had no where to be and j was in a good mood we just browsed and waisted time. Bella showed me all the toys she wanted Santa to get her, charlie sampled the snacks they had and we just had a good time being girls! Bella got some new fleece lined legging which made me the best mom ever in Bellas eyes. 
Next was target, which I needed nothing from. Looked at all the clothes and when we left I decided "I don't feel like cooking." So off the McDonald's we went and I got Bella a happy meal which she said "mom your the best!! I'll love you forever." And as I gave charlie a French fry I could see it in her eyes that she said it too ;) 
In other words, i waisted time today, didn't clean, didn't cook a healthy meal. We are junk food but at the end of the day I felt like a winner in my daughters eyes. I never yelled. I wasn't distracted on my phone. I was with my girls, we laughed. I was grateful to be their mom. I was grateful that doug works so hard  so that I can stay home and enjoy my kids. I am grateful that I was present and fully enjoyed my babies. My heart is full tonday. 

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