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Thursday, August 29, 2013

We moved back to Idaho!

The Simpsons are back in Idaho for good! I can't believe it myself sometimes and I never thought id have to get used to living in Idaho. It's not bad (at all) but I was a little homesick for Texas for a while. Mostly I just missed all the wonderful people we met there. Even Bella has said she wants to go back to Texas. But Texas doesn't have our families. Any who we moved into our little home in Middleton Idaho this week. It took us a little longer than expected because we decided to completely redo our bathroom lol. It was just old, out dated and from having renters in and out just gross too. My dad taught Doug how to put in the floor and stain it and Doug is soooo proud of his floor! He did a good job :) put in a new vanity, a new storage closet thing, and new toilet. The bathroom looks a million times better! I think the hardest part about moving In this house is that its a bit smaller than our old house so finding a place for everything (mostly Bella's stuff) is a little tough but were almost done unpacking! 
Now for the super AWESOME news. 
One of the things that attracted me to Doug is how his family and friends and just everyone that knew him loved and respected him. I could tell that he wasn't just pretending to be a good guy but that he really was a great guy. He is a man of great character and very hard working. And I LOVE that just  being a good person paid off. Literally. He did some side work (he's a mechanic) for a man in his moms ward, always did a great job and when we moved here (pretty much the next day) he told Doug about a really good job and he knew one of the guys in charge of the company or in charge of hiring (I'm really not sure) and pretty much told him that Doug would be amazing for this Job. Obviously Doug jumped on the opportunity and told me its a really good job, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. We went out to Boise and Doug took in his résumé and got an interview that same day! An hour later he got a phone call making him an offer!! We both couldn't believe it! This job really is such a blessing. And yes it's great to know that financially we'll be okay but my favorite favorite part is that Doug had worked very hard at his mechanic skills, he's gone to school, he enjoys it, he's hardworking and he is completely deserving. He is finally working with a company where he can grow and be around people who work as hard as he can. Plus he had only been in Idaho for 6 days! Seriously he's awesome! I love when being a good person pays off:) go Doug! 
His first day of work was yesterday and he came home tired, super dirty and super happy. When we decided to get out of the military people always asked why, or what we were going to do. I hardly went on post and I loved my friends in the ward so I was fine. I was even used to living away from family. But Doug didn't like it. Half the time they sat around so he felt like it was a waist of his day. Man likes to work.  And the people he was constantly around really took a toll on his spirit. Every time we came home to visit he was so relaxed and happy he was almost a different person. He was never mean or a grump to us in Texas but I could tell he just wasn't happy. Yesterday during dinner he was super exhausted but he was in the best mood! He laughed with Bella, he was completely there. All night I couldn't believe just how happy he was! I'm so happy we moved here and I'm so thankful that Doug got this job and mostly I'm sooo thankful that he loves it! Life is good! 

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