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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Family Mini-Vaca Day 3!

Oh day 3 was so beautiful. The girls and I slept in until around 8. It was dreamy and relaxing. I changed Charlie's diaper, gave her a bottle and stayed in bed watching cartoons with both girls for 30 min. Then I pealed my body out of bed. Yes peal because I just did not want to get out of bed. 
I got decent and the girls and I went downstairs for breakfast in our pj's. Bella thought that was pretty crazy. But she soon noticed we blended in pretty well with the other hotel guest. 

This is what the girls and I looked like after breakfast. I know. I'm the best mom ever. I just let them watch tv. But hey we're on vacation! Finally Charlie started getting grumpy and Bella said she was starving so we headed out to find some lunch. 

But then I saw Barnes and Noble and got distracted. when we got there Bella said "mom this store is lame." Then we got to the kids section and suddenly it became "THE BEST STORE EVER!" We read a few books and Bella preformed a play for me on the stage. It was great! 

We came back to the hotel and Charlie took a really good nap because she was worn out from all that relaxing and strolling she did. I was surprised she didn't fight her nap and became grateful for favorite blankets because i can't prove it but I swear they help my babies sleep in unfamiliar places. 
We didn't do anything too exciting that evening. It was raining so we just went to the mall to stroll around. It was still fun and I got new shorts and lip liner so I sure didn't mind:) 

Favorite Moments of Today
•Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing
•Reading to the girls in Barnes and Noble
• Watching Charlie Nap
•Watching Bella watch Charlie nap :) 

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