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Friday, May 15, 2015

Family Mini-Vaca Day 8

     Our last day. I was so bummed because we truly have been having such a great time together. Our plans were to go to the museum of natural curiosity and I was so excited since I've herd so many great things about it. Also I was excited to be able to just let Charlie down and play.

     We weren't expecting to be petting coyotes there though. Bella wasn't thrilled about it. 

     Charlie loved being this little activity. The silver circle spins and you make all sorts of things roll on it. 

     Look at the joy on her face! Seriously she loved it. Then we went to a different section and while Bella put on a play for me Doug let charlie play in the toddler and baby section. I snapped a cute picture of them. What I didn't get a picture of is when I took Charlie back here to play later and another little boy was playing with this wagon and she almost shoved him to get this toy back. We call her Godzilla for a reason. 

     The water section was Charlie's favorite! She loved this water table and so did I! I wish we had one in our house. I just realized I didn't take any pictures of Bella here. She had so much fun too though! I loved taking her to a place like this and actually being able to play with her. They had a sign that said "put your phone away and play!" And for the most part I did. I only took it out to take pictures.

      We met up with the Roberts again and Bella loved played with her bestie Madaya again. We were able to go to lunch with them too but I have to say it was so hard to leave knowing we won't be able to see them for a long time. 

     After we headed to IKEA since we never get to go. It was too much fun! We didn't even leave until 6 and we still had a  long drive ahead. Luckily the girls had played so hard that they napped for the first hour and a half. 

     They both were so good on our trip home I was super impressed. We got home so late and we still had to put the girls to bed and unload everything. Doug and I were exhausted but I have to say it was so worth it! We had such a great time with each other and the girls! 

Favorite parts of today:
•Playing with the girls at the children's museum. 
•Going to lunch with our friends. Seriously it was so fun chit chatting with them!
•IKEA! I already can't wait to go back, but my wallet can! 
•Driving home. We had a fun road trip home. Good snacks, good conversation and fun singing with the girls! 
•Laying down on my bed. 

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