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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Family Mini-Vaca Day 1

We're on a mini vacation and I couldn't be happier! Doug got sent to class again for four days and the girls and I tagged along. 
We drove here today after my TEN MILE run and Bella's soccer game. I finally decided to run with my friend Mel. I slowed her down I'm sure but it was such a fun run and I was starting to get a little burnt out so it was the perfect run for me! 

Mel and I. Clearly post run and post shower. 

I tried to stretch as much as I could before Bella's soccer game but I'm not gonna lie my legs are feeling a little achey after running and being in the car for 5 hours. 
The girls were both pretty good during the drive. We stopped after 3 hours to let Charlie stretch her legs. 
We got to our hotel and bella was so excited to swim! We grabbed some dinner first and by the time we were done it was around 8:30 and instead of being lame parents and putting them to bed we took the girls swimming! It was so fun! Bella was wild and happier than ever and Charlie was so happy in the water. We ended the night with a bath and don't judge me but I got in the bath with the girls. They loved it! I kept my swim suit in and they thought it was so fun taking a bath with mom. We don't get to get away very often so I want to make the most of it! 
We are ending our night with an episode of Jessie and all of us in our bed snuggling. Hopefully Charlie sleeps in the pack in play like she's suppose to. Wish us luck! 

Favorite moments of today: 

•Running a strong10 miles with Mel
•Swimming with my family
•Taking A Bath with the girls
•Watching Charlie give her sister lots of kisses
•Snuggling Bella while watching Jessie

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