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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Family Mini-Vaca Day 2

Day 2 came and went! We woke up around 8 and we started how we ended our night snuggling together on our bed. I loved it! We took our time to get ready and then had some pretty good hotel breakfast. 
Our plan today was to go to lagoon! We all love it there and were so excited to go.  Especially Bella. 

Charlie loved watching everything. She even got to ride on a few rides herself!

For her first ride I'm not sure who enjoyed it more. Bella, Doug and I were loving watching her reaction to the ride. 

Bella and I riding together. 

Bella's face when we convinced her to go into the haunted house. She hated it and I can't say I blame her. We told Doug it's our last time. Yup I'm a wimp. 

In the gift shop Bella handed me this shot glass and said "mom the perfect Mother's Day gift for you! A tiny glass cup. Isn't it so cute!?" Doug and I thought it was so funny. 

Bella got her face painted too and she loved it! 

Poor Bella was such a trooper. She walked all day and finally at 5 you could just see in her face how tired she was so Doug scooped her up and carried her for a while. It reminded me of one of our first family vacations. I can't believe how much she's grown! Love my baby girl!

We really had so much fun together! We went on a million rides together. By the end if the day we were all exhausted. 

Here's a short video of our lagoon fun! 

Favorite Moments of Today:

•Watching Charlie Enjoy her first ride
•Bella getting her face painted
•Eating ice cream with the family in pioneer village
• Doug giving Bella a shoulder ride
•Charlie finally taking a nap in the stroller 
•Having dinner together after lagoon. (We didn't realize how super hungry we were and it made the food extra delicious!)


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