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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Camping Trip of The Season.

     We had such a fun weekend! We went camping and we crossed our fingers that the camp trailer would be okay. Doug has been working so hard on it the last 2 months and he put a lot of work into it. We both have a lot more to do with it but our goal was to make it livable for this trip at least and I'm so happy we did! I'm 100% hooked to camp trailer camping. Not only did we sleep in a bed but we slept worry free of my babies freezing at night.

     The girls had so much fun playing outside and exploring. This was Charlie every nap and bedtime. Seriously no fussing. Just out like a light. 

     Bella also relearned how to ride her bike. She learned a few months ago but she was a little rusty so Doug retaught her and 5 min later she was zooming past us. She rode her bike up and down the campsite 80% of the time we were there. It was so fun watching her. She's so proud of herself.

     The girls enjoying a nice snack. Did I mentione Charlie refuses to be fed? Because she does. She rather starve than be fed. I rather let her make a HUGE MESS than let her starve. 

     Also I turned 25 while we were there. It was probably the best birthday i have ever had. It started with the most thoughtful gift ever from Doug... 

     A new set of scriptures. Seriously beautiful and so thoughtful. He also gave me a CTR ring. Also beautiful! 
     Then Doug and I went on a nice long four wheeling ride with his grandparents and aunt and uncle. 

     The view was breathtaking. Doug was so worried about my birthday not being special but seriously does it get better than this? 
     Debbie even surprised me with cake and ice cream! So nice and thoughtful.  

     Since there's 25 candles I clearly needed a little help from Bella. 

     I was sad the weekend went by so fast. Charlie definitely wore Doug and I out everyday from chasing her and she was always super filthy so I am happy to be home but at the same time I can't wait to go again. 

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